DELTA RE-RUN (GEJ and the 40 thieves)

To hear you say to me, that the experiences of my heart(that very intangible but more-than real habitation of all that is physically potential), will become the crafted-structure of my immediate and later future, is wonderful and beautiful enough to make me engage more in the ‘pursuit of purpose’. I seem to want to believe you, because of the emotional therapy that pursuit would provide me; but I’m tempted to get a little bit practical-to see things the way they are on the ground…but in the process of getting practical, i know it would make a mess of the hope concept. Yet,can i just indulge a little? Hope seems torn out and down.

I had so much hope for a change of d status quo. How does a future leader craft a future in leadership when all he has seen has been a failed rulership? That’s all young people my age have seen-i thought i was going to show them a new, maybe different way-i thought a new and true way would prevail… What shred of strength am i supposed to cling to when the my will, my part in the election package is reneged on at the finishing line? What kind of father would give his son a stone when the child asks for bread? Only a witch would give her first son up to be murdered for promotion in their hierarchy…

I may seem to want a whole lot of too much on offer or too much of the opportunities within my reach/achievement. Please do i ask for too much? Is it a dream? more less a huge dream to want a little bit more from constituted authority? Do you think i am over-stretching the boundaries? When i have never had my due? When i have been so far deprived my due? Even when everyone else in getting, i have never gotten a free lunch in free-town!!

The experiences of my big heart; what i have dreamed; the society i could have been; the possibilities that have rumbled deep within-to craft with the thoughts developed from studying climes far from me, those climes i hope to touch in the soonest future…but will i ever get there?

I hear the sounds of “ghetto child” by JOE as i search for the appropriate verbs and idioms that would birth my thoughts on paper. tears fight hard to stop from trickling down my cheeks as i remember the 6th of January 2011 rape after so many other rape experiences on DELTA STATE in the past. As JOE sings on, i really try as a ghetto child, to ‘see the best in me’; i am afraid i see less than the required specification. Even GEJ said something similar in his declaration speech last year…now he orchestrates the first heist of 2011 just to secure for himself the presidential candidacy of his PDP, what will he do to get the presidency? Any difficulty in predicting future election outcomes?

I suspect that to some people, moving away from all that i was driving at for a few days to concentrate on mobilizing critical mass for the delta re-run would seem like a waste of time, realizing that GEJ had already commissioned result manipulation to be carried out by serving commissioners, members of the state house of assembly and special assistants physically carrying ballot boxes… But i choose to find hope in the hopelessness that i feel, i choose to soar above what i see…

I’m still finding where my thoughts get to align in all of this…I WONDER where this T-junction leads…JOY BECKONS even though the merchants of men’s soul are laughing now!!!


5 responses to “DELTA RE-RUN (GEJ and the 40 thieves)

  1. @voke..tanx, but i wish it were all rumors. i was in sapele monitoring the whole process and there was massive clamour thru votes for ogboru..i was updating info unit by unit on d re-run day(i had so many pple folowin details on my wall nd twitter). d results wer called out at every unit nd went awry at d LGA level..dis was d pattern al ova d state wher i had friends mnitorin events..
    so i wish i cud say they were al rumors..nd yu dnt expect me to absolve GEJ frm d rigging, else yu re tellin me uduaghan nw controls INEC…

  2. Yes if you have facts like this then include them in your blog, spell out most results and how they contradicted the ones announced. Good one brother

    • i will for the purpose of what my blog represents at this present time refrain from pasting up results and stuff like that. it is general knowledge in the state-the events of that dya but i can refer you to sahahra reporters site on the day of the elections because they were updating scores and incidences..even that which happened a few streets from me was on the site in no time! i am not standing directly against uduaghan and my place isnt to present evidences but i will gladly make my resentation to the one who directly bears the yoke if i am called upon to do so…tanx

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