I have been trying to browse for a couple of hours now but the service has become practically unavailable for cyber exploitation so I thought I’d just rummage through my thoughts and you crossed my mind. How are you, by d way? How was your day? How did it not go? How did it go? Hope you achieved what you set out for today? I know you are a person with a very big vision and drive for what you want and I celebrate you. I just wanted to share what I got to experience over the last 24 hours.

I got to realize that the best way to accomplish your big vision is to set smaller goals that you keep on scoring – maybe daily, weekly or monthly so that by d time you get to your vision, you might not even realize it but I guess you already knew that. They say we should have vision right? We are all people of vision but I have came to practically discover in the process of my pursuit of purpose that setting goals per day, per week or per month is a great way to trudge deliberately towards your destiny.

I decided to sort out my ten major goals for the year and i was almost scared about what i had in my head, but do you know what happened? One of my goals just ended up showing up right in front of me today, in d form of an opportunity. When I got through sorting it out and was about to brood at d magnitude of things i had in my head to do; funny enough, do you know that I just saw an opportunity online(when it finally started working) that was directly linked to some of those ten goals?

I therefore surmise that visions should serenade your heart until everything about you is about it. Then you should set daily, weekly or monthly goals that are in line with your vision; then through the law of attraction, which is d greatest law in the universe, opportunities that drive your goals or towards your goals will begin to show up around you.

Thought id share and by d way, have a wonderful beautiful time of his abundant grace in your life! You know God didn’t call us to make anything happen? He called us to live in what He already FINISHED.

Anyway, what’s new with you? We gats to kip on asking ourselves that question daily so that it will ginger us into action daily!

One of my mentors said, if you want more? BE MORE first!


What do you think? Plz share comments

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