april2011..WILL WE GET IT RIGHT?

Can we really blame them for the problems we find ourselves now? We have been told many times that no matter the circumstances of our birth, we can be whatever we aspire to become; your destiny is in your hands. Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Mandela, etc are the models for us.

Like the movie 300, few people have always been responsible for the fate of nations, continents, centuries and even dispensations, by the offering of themselves through personal sacrifice and passion for change. Nigeria was claimed and set into formation by the young ‘Enahoros’ of yesteryears who took their destiny in their hands by speaking up and demanding for the future that was rightly theirs, they succeeded but others another generation of young men took destiny in their hands, wrested rule and administered it by force. They were power drunk and went on to steal till it became fashionable, plundered and killed across the land for decades; then another generation of young men saw the destruction of our national psyche and took to publishing houses and the media, generating protests and sustaining resistances until democracy in its scrappiest form started to take formation.

In time, we began to see ourselves as the theorists of freedom would want to define liberty. Having fought even to the death for the establishment of democracy, this generation didn’t make plans for the administration of democracy…another vacuum therefore set in, creating an opportunity for charlatans and the merchants of men’s souls to spring up from the backside of nowhere… Rising prices across the land, broken down infrastructures, visionless policies, systems of despair on operation, lack of patriotism, corruption rising daily, bleak future for the youths, celebration of wealth at the expense of talent, religious crisis etc. Without doubt, there is another opening for a generation not afraid to step in and become the hinges upon which the door of change will open.

Is this generation rising to the challenge? Make no mistake this time will come to pass; will we do all the talking and let the dogs do what they want? Will we play the blame game? Whatever we choose to do or not to do, we have taken a stand! ‘Some guy once said his grand father was foolish to have hidden when slaves were being carted away, if not he would have been an American citizen’. Gross as it may sound, it was his frustration with the status quo speaking. Unfortunately, we run the risk of having our backsides whipped and our heads knocked by the next generation if we do nothing now!

Look how far we’ve come by living petty, see how much we’ve accumulated by living less than our best as humans, and see the madness of our country Nigeria-a blatant paradox. It is clear that clawing our way back to the right path has to be by a collective choice built up by the development of individual wills.

This generation must live for tomorrow not for today,

  • imagine what would happen if you married for today, the result would most probably be that:- you would marry a rich spoilt boy or a lazy spoilt girl from a wealthy family or an over-aged woman that would be the comptroller-general of your life or your father’s age-mate;
  • imagine what would happen if we made money for today, the result would be:- ritual killings, advanced fee fraud or ‘419’, political assassinations, round-tripping in our financial institutions, lying, half-baked graduates, breakdown of our moral and societal culture through music, arranged marriages, kidnappings, contract inflation, libelous publications etc;

  • imagine what would happen if we had leadership for today, the result would be:– breakdown of national infrastructures, importation of homegrown natural resources, destruction of our educational system, propagation of the ethnicity gospel, rewarding the wealthy at the expense of the talented, non-prosecution of corrupt rulers, pleasing a few at the expense of the whole, visionless leadership
  • imagine what would happen if we lived for today, the result would be:- lack of investment in the youth, erosion of our core values as Africans, oil bunkers and destruction of the environment, armed robbery and assassinations, lack of a reading culture, hounding kids into courses that have nothing to do with the course of their lives, non-exploitation of personal talent, ethnic and religious crisis.

This is the picture of the present state of affairs; we need to start living for tomorrow not just for today. We need to start living for posterity, we need a revolution from our minds down to our hands; the future Nigeria had better started manifesting itself. If we will at least survive from day to day, if we will ever get a handle on corruption, if we will ever proudly showcase our institutions of higher learning, if we will stop deceiving ourselves with the fire brigade approach to sporting competitions, if we will ever stop selling ourselves short, if celebrities and musical stars will ever get to feel responsible for the words they speak and the actions they take, if the youths will ever turn away from ‘419’, if rulers will ever indeed become leaders, then we need to start crafting that tomorrow now.

Those that will live in that tomorrow have the moral, social and spiritual obligation to craft that future now!

The future is now! Get your hands dirty, make it happen! You are the Nigerian dream!

The real BrandNigeria please stand up!


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