Nobody quite like him, if he didn’t talk me into it with all that he was, is and was known for. What could probably prepare me for a journey on the cutting-edge of life? There is a thin line between existence and fulfillment. You get the full impact at the evening of your life when you can do nothing about going back to ‘make or unmake’ it happen.

Unfortunately, application is made off the experiences of our everyday situation, occurrences are the examples given in an argument to buttress a point, heroes are those whose impact on a monumental scale have become real in our lives, loved ones are talked about even in surroundings where they are not even known because our minds are serenaded by the effects of their deeds. I am reminded that there is nothing I am after that is not unreachable but after all in the words of scripture, STAND!

There therefore is an end to all of the efforts we but there is also an outliving, do we think there is anyway we can combine both, living for ever through your body and through your works? Isn’t there a way to conquer the interregnum that precludes us from absolute existence?

I came home once to discover that the one I had given and done all humanly possible for as a friend didn’t even think I was worthy of any appreciation but was demanding for things to be done in spite of  the lack of appreciation. I’ve let people down but, but taking people for granted (especially those that love you) should be at the top of the iniquity list.

It breaks the heart when

  • when Kanye West would throw immature tantrums and expect his fans to swallow the shame and just accept his apology
  • when you constantly refuse a holiday trip to the consternation of your parents because you couldn’t share the rape experience by your mum’s brother
  • when people hope for a change and do nothing about making it happen
  • when uncles and aunts you called your favorites back in the day get arrested for corruption while in political office
  • imagine the disappointment of realizing after 10years that you had a half-brother or sister

What would qualify the human race for the transition into a higher quality of life has to be a resolution to stop living like lower animals. That tales of ours might ring in the hearts of higher animals, that all they ever mutter when consumed by the magnitude of our deeds is “nobody quite like him”



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