UDUGHAN,OMO-AGEGE,OGBORU…still on the matter


Ok, let’s share a few thoughts;

we all know who Uduaghan is, and with all due respect to the office he is occupying now, we know they was no elections in 2007 and then the re-run of January 6th was stolen by the rigging machinery of PDP national(of course it’s difficult for a leopard to change its spot)…now knowing the illegitimacy of the present govt., let’s bring in Ovie Omo-Agege into the picture…

he is a lawyer and was a part of the ‘legendary’ Ibori govt. and so he was part of the apparatus that brought the present illegitimate govt. into power..now we don’t know the details but he was obviously not getting his due or his ambition and inordinate thirst for power couldn’t allow Uduaghan another four years so he moved on to the ACN, now when the re-run was ordered a whole new twist and insight into the desperation of this man showed up in the sense that only parties that participated in the original 2007 elections could participate and since he wasnt a candidate, he found a beautiful way to become one by buying the platform of a contestant in 2007 who was not alive anymore in a different party, not his ACN nw..
After the January 6 re-run in which OGBORU won, OMO-AGEGE congratulated UDUAGHAN on his ‘victory’…can you believe that? We all know who won and not with a simple majority but a landslide! But what more did you expect from a political desperado? He obviously was warming up to Uduaghan…

Here we are now again..April 16th, governorship elections will hold in Delta and OMO-AGEGE has gone back to his vomit and is now the ACN FLAG BEARER…can you belive this people?

this man has not shown himself to be the all in all, but he has shown himself to be focused, determined, steadfast and persistent in staying in the same party and maintaining his claim to the governorship through the ballot and the courts(which are legal and very slow processes).
he hasn’t jumped from pillar to post like OMO-AGEGE, or stolen mandates like UDUAGHAN; he has been resilient and that tells me a whole lot about the man even though i have never met him…his resilience is inspiring.

Now back to CHANNELS yesterday, i want you guys to make your deductions from a few statements credited to OMO-AGEGE

“i was part of the team that brought Uduaghan to power. i have discovered that this is the greatest mistake of my life…don’t i have a right to correct it?”

“…delta has received 950billion naira in the last 12yrs…”

he went on and on castigating Uduaghan but judging from his antecedents and statements above? i don’t want this man near one naira of delta state money…

UDUAGHAN said that there is no DPP in delta, that the re-run was between PDP1 and PDP2…he castigated a serving minister and E.K Clark for going with the masses of delta and supporting OGBORU.

The election in about 3weeks will show PDP and Uduaghan that there may be no DPP but there are millions of Deltans behind the peoples general


4 responses to “UDUGHAN,OMO-AGEGE,OGBORU…still on the matter

  1. exciting yet… i like d term “the people’s general”. but we also wld want to see him take his stand beyond words. Delta is willing to stick out her neck for him, he shld do samew for us as well.

    • that is also what we are advocating. that this time he goes after getting his mandate with everytin possible…and God willin he wil do and we will have our mandate back

  2. I belive there is no course 4 alarm. If justice must privail then the truth should be said. Ogboru wins delta poll and should be allow 2 rule! And again i think if we must wipe coruption 4rm this country, then the federal govt should not be left out in delta poll. Guy give me 1 bottle make i flex.
    Ogboru 4 gov.

    • lol….interesting take..
      but we keep it focussed all the same.
      if we want change, change we must get-no giving up,no giving in

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