Searching through the mazes of endless retrospection, I am caught in a moment by moment unending psychological interaction deep within.

We are a land bordered by great civilizations which we pioneered; beneath our feet lay the wish of many nations, a blessing of natural resources from black gold to sparkling diamonds. Yet they turn out to be the very whip that subjects its people to untold pain and endless desire disaster. The whoredom that reduces a king to a slave can only describe (Africa’s) our centuries of deprivation.

It is to the irresponsible tenacity of generations past that we today stand un cowed; and in spite of mundane rulers and self-destruct leaders. We are breasting the tape of civility, pride and excellent content of character with giant strides that stretch the limits of our strength but exercise the discipline of hard work, service and faith in the origin of us.

Lift up your heads o ye gates,

Be lifted up ye everlasting doors

It is the break-out of the century-once a dream now becoming a people a people’s reality.

As Bill Clinton said;

“the wealth of a nation shall no longer be found beneath their feet but between their ears”

We are becoming ourselves, no surprise-we slipped and backslid, but alas we were only becoming ourselves…kings of the earth!


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