DELTANS ARISE! REC should be sacked…

We are at the verge of history – sweeping history, and the urgency of the times determines that what we took for granted yesterday is not taken for granted today. We scream at every hint of foul play. we are firm in the face of seeming under-handedness.

I was an eye-witness at the delta re-run of january 6th and i saw how extraodinary rigging can be. it just knocks you out when you witness 80% vote for one man yet he gets 30% of the final vote…i could not sleep that night. it was the worst heartbreak girl ever dealt me anything close..
i was only able to wipe my tears when in the bid to take laws into my hands, we were consoled that april held another opportunity for us to do it right.

Now we are here and the same umpire who blew the wrong call after being bought over by PDP cannot produce the result sheet to Deltans. We know who has bought them but all we want is that the DELTA STATE REC be sacked or re-assigned. PLEASE JEGA, SEND HIM OUT OF THE STATE. We are not going to allow this situation pass, we want all nigerians to join us online; offline, the march on Asaba is tommorow.

We cant take this none production of result sheets for granted..even the new police commissioner has requested that he produce the result sheets to prevent breakdown of law and order…



What do you think? Plz share comments

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