“You attract what you subconsciously deserve” – Paula White

Most people say what they want to perceived as, not who they really are. It seems everyone wants to be good but turn out doing stuff they never thought they were capable of. I think we run away from ourselves too often.

The only way to win a war is, face it!

It is this situation that makes ladies turn up the heat on guys whenever there is an incidence of a break-up. It is the most likely situation to hear ladies say: “men enh?”, “see how the foolish thing dumped her”, “that is just how men are”, “men are such dogs!” etc. As much as these may not be far from the truth, isn’t it time ladies start asking some real soul-searching questions? It would be foolhardy to carry on with the assumption that one party is always wrong; we shouldn’t buy into the stereotype and fail to see the real picture. I may be walking a thin rope here but let me make some salient points:

  • If you are dating a guy that beats you up, it is because that is who you are inside; you can’t be a queen and attract a thug. He is only just more powerful.
  • If you are dating a philanderer, wait a minute! Who told you, you were any better? “Deep calleth unto deep”, light and darkness cannot walk together.
  • If you are dating a guy who doesn’t love, who told you, that lie? You are wrong! You are two of a kind; sleeping with him won’t guarantee you love.

So when next there is a break-up, it means one got tired of the other or one just got a better idea of who they really were.

Who are you? You can be better, you will be better!


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