Trust every man to fail, but trust someone anyway.

God can’t fail, He doesn’t know how

So in trusting, let God be the anchor, so that when man fails,

You’ve still got someone to hold on to

Stay connected because the closest of friends will be the ones to fail you.

So when they do, don’t take it too hard, they are closest to you,

They will mess you up but wait a minute-

Don’t judge too rashly because you’ll fail them also,

How would you want to be judged?

The birth of a baby can’t take place without the breakout of fluid,

So it is with new levels of friendship.

Maturity demands that we learn from all situations,

And though I don’t like some things, I keep falling into them,

It only shows me-it’s a passing phase

Because I want to know you, whether you want to know me or not

For there’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother;

I want to be that kind of friend!


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