Break up, Make up, up up…

It’s hard to get over a break up with someone you are in love with. It’s even harder when you’re not sure that it is a breakup. In trying to coat things with fancy non-hurtful words, one party could leave the other party none the wiser as to the state of affairs with things.

You may ask “how it is possible that someone wont be sure they’ve been broken up with?” Contrary to popular belief it is quite common and possibly happens everyday in different parts of the world. In modern settings maybe this scenario will go some ways to explain what I mean. it would clarify further just how unclear things can be.

“I know a guy that has been friends with a girl for a relatively long period of time. They decided they wanted to date or maybe only one person decided and the other thought to go along. Unfortunately they rushed into things, and found themselves in a place where things seemed pretty complicated. When they got to this point the guy told the girl that maybe they didn’t know each other as well as they thought they did. He admitted that a bit of time had passed and both of them had changed. Then he went further to say that they need to get to re-acquaint themselves with each other as friends without the pressure of a relationship first then take it from there”. “WTF?” u may ask. Well, my sentiments exactly.

If you feel it’s not working now for whatever reason, but you’d really like it to work at a later date, state so clearly!

Say um, I really like you and would want things to work between us. Now though, because I’m under so much stress and won’t be able to focus on this as I’d like to, let’s cool things off a bit. Then after a month, let’s reassess and see if we still want to be together… If you’re just plain uninterested, then a clean break would be nice. Like go ahead and say, you’re a really nice person, you have a good heart and you’re really beautiful. I don’t want to be with you any more though. I think we’re kind of holding each other back and we should move on.

Hell, there is no uncomplicated way of doing these things I guess. But I remain of the opinion that dragging out a break up in whatever form and however good your intentions may be only makes it a whole lot messier. Tips for guys and girls, a clean break remains the best. Whatever else may happen in the future well, let the future take care of that. But the present can be dealt with. Make it clean let both of you cry over it, get pissed over it and move on. In that way, the present just feels much more comfortable.


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