ProFilin’ ASSENT TWEED…9ja singer with Christ’s Love from SA

We decided to identify with and feature the up and coming, coming up quick(apologies to M.I) in various fields of endeavour. As long as they are young Nigerians defending their honour by seeking to follow the unattractive path of success, we feature and talking about them since we are also up and quickly coming…lol.

We begin with Assent Tweed:

Assent Tweed’s is a singer, musician, choir director; basically the complete package with relation to music today. Now based in the republic of South Africa, he was a founding member of “Asu ekiye and de nu dimensions”. With a warm and welcoming personality, his ability to make God’s Word accessible and practical through his music is truly astounding given the propensity of many gospel artists to make the Word seem further than it actually is, especially to those who don’t know Him. His distinct advantage is that his ‘sound’ is appealing to gospel music lovers and mainstream music lovers alike, precisely because it breaks those stereotypes attached to ‘gospel’ music.

Having lived in Port Harcourt, Sapele (where he is still being respected) all in the south-south Nigeria, Assent Tweed is young, vibrant, cool, dynamic and trendsetting – he sings about his love for Jesus, His fellowship with God and his great awe for the King of Kings – and does so while sounding relevant to the popular music that is taking the imagination of consumers. You only needs to look at what is being played on TV and radios to see that although this man has a message – he is no outsider. He speaks and sings to a troubled world, not as someone who is from another planet, but as someone who lives amongst them, who faces challenges at times and who relates to spiritual reality.

In some songs, his love is so raw; it seems to burst forth from the carefully laid seams of melody, rhythm and beat. In other songs, he speaks to God as a lover whom he has a deep fixation on – telling him that he wants nothing more than to spend his time and life praising Him and worshiping Him. There are a few hip-hop tracks which he pulls of easily, seemingly without effort. There is an instrumental that is so full of words, without a single word being uttered. His versatility is amazing.

His recent work has seen him transverse everywhere in Southern Africa, Zambia, Namibia, etc and even when it had not been officially released, he says ‘i have sold 3000 copies already’.

Album Title: GREATER (I can feel it)

“I can feel it shining down on me” is the song that got everyone on their feet in 2010, at the ‘Reach Out South Africa’ Grand Opening at Orlando Stadium; and again, at the leaders Conference with Pastor Chris at the Coca Cola Dome. Johannesburg SA. A big song, from a GREAT man… Since his debut album “Here’s my heart” released in 2007, it’s been very evident that Assent’s songwriting skills are divine. This Album features other beautiful/soulful voices, the likes of Viwe Nikita and Martin PK, who are causing everyone from all walks of life to pay attention. These two artists performed with Assent on “Holy Holy Are You Lord” and “Kubo Bonke ooThixo (Amongst all the gods), powerful tracks that will keep you on your feet in praise and your knees in worship.

For those ardent Assent followers and those just getting to know him, a few tracks from the debut album “Here’s my heart” make an appearance on this album as well – “Let’s get party” and the soulful title track “Here’s my Heart”. The song “Increase of Grace” penned in 2009 is included in this great album. Look out for the video of the hit song ‘I Can Feel it’ on TV.

This new album was released at the beginning of 2011; it shows the amazing things that God is doing in this minister’s life.

Well guys, now it is…so run, don’t walk, to get your copy of this delicious ‘6 course musical meal’

To listen to ‘i can feel it’,


Here is the video of the song, have a go!


He can be contacted as Assent Tweed on facebook.


What do you think? Plz share comments

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