Video of the week: ‘Remember’-Bracket ft. Tuface

Bracket is not a new group to us, having burst into the scene with a massive hit, ‘yori yori. ‘The album tittled Least Expected released in 2009 featuring their hit single Yori Yori, Ada Owerri and also featuring artist like P-Squre, J Martins and Storm Rex.

This amazing single from the forthcoming sophomore offering of this amazing duo who symbolize ‘modern’ highlife is very infectous. Though they call it ‘yori yori’ remix, i think it stands on its own as a song-a beautiful one for that matter not forgeting the ever excellent delivery of arguably Nigeria’s biggest musical export of this generation, Tuface.

we celebrate the love they try to celebrate here and dedicate our ‘song of the week’ to them. Enjoy the video


What do you think? Plz share comments

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