TELEPATHY – A Two-Faced Coin

What do you think would happen if you could read people’s minds? A blessing and a curse all rolled up in one? Wonder why Professor Xavier in X-men was single for most of the time?

I guess that should give you a clearer picture of how much of a blessing and a curse it is. Behold how many more divorces would there be? How many more boy bands would fall out? All because people don’t have the decency of choice in keeping their nasty opinions to themselves.

There was a time when I would have given a great deal to have telepathic powers. I mean look at the upsides… If I were a cop, I wouldn’t have to stress myself doing some hi-tech undercover detective work. I’d simply round up all the suspects and read their minds. Most likely the murderer or thief wouldn’t be able to not think of his crime. A real successful career for me I daresay. Imagine also a doctor having such a gift. He won’t need to struggle with words in order to find a socially acceptable way of asking embarrassing questions. All the patient’s thoughts will be out there in the open and he will be able to find out the information that is necessary for a diagnosis. My personal favorite as a teenage girl though would be the ability to differentiate the guys. Those that liked me for me or those that wanted what was deep underneath (not my heart)

Of course it can’t be all good. As intuitive as telepathy may be, sometimes ignorance is just bliss. If there is no off-switch, a lady may find the ability to read minds a rather nasty and hurtful device when her mother-in-law comes over for a visit. Behind all the warm smiles and gracious etiquette may reside cold murderous thoughts. Well, maybe it’s not such a bad gig if it can help in saving the lady’s life. Ah, cheating wives and husbands will rue the talent of mind reading. Employees will calmly steal ideas and pass them off as theirs in the industrial world. It would really be a dog eat dog world if it isn’t already so.

I guess we should be grateful that people are not telepathic. The cons far outweigh the pros. It’s funny though that at times, individuals expect others to be telepathic in relationships – family, business, romantic and even cordial relationships. Automatically, a spouse is expected to know what a husband is thinking and should know not to stress him out because he is not in the mood; a business partner should know that his colleague does not really want to acquire that new business but is having dinner with the CEO so he can steal their secrets; etc

Seriously, people! Why assume that others are telepathic? You know you won’t like it if they really are. So communicate, don’t keep people out of the loop and assume that they know what’s going on in that mind of yours at the same time.

And please don’t punish them when they assume wrongly…


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