Profilin’: Dennis Bebo- environmental & energy entrepreneur

Mr. Dennis Ejeta Bebo from Delta State, Ughelli South LGA, is an Independent retailer and Energy & Environmental Consultant. His company name – DenEco.

DenEco, was coined from his name Dennis, and Ecology (sustainability).

DenEco is an energy and environmental consultancy company that provides energy and environmental solutions to both domestic and commercial clients. With services such as sale of Eco products, energy performance certificates (EPC), energy reduction solutions, sustainable home improvement, environmental and waste management solutions, contract cleaning and health and safety solutions. They are proud to be one of the few companies that combine energy and environmental expertise and knowledge to provide our clients the best way to save money and also save the environment. Their guiding principle is working with clients to ensure they don’t just provide the service but establish a working system of continuous sustainable development of performance.
As an entrepreneur, he first started by investing in shares and in his education. He started small as a sole trader from home and then set up a business website and later rent a business premises. As with a lot of budding entrepreneurs with great ideas, start-up funds are a major issue, but as he states, he got start-up money from his savings and investment on shares. Now based in the United Kingdom, he went around marketing and publicizing his work through his website, leaflets, business directories and word of mouth. The challenges for start-ups are universal and for Mr. Dennis, it was cash flow, overheads and marketing his company’s products and services.

He doesn’t have a mentor but draws his inspiration from successful businessmen and his dad’s success in business. Apart from his dad, his role models are, Bill Gate, Dangote, Alan Sugar, Donald Thrump amongst a few others. His major attraction to these guys is that they started from small businesses and grew into global institutions against all odds.

His guiding principles are hard-work, honesty, determination, patience and perseverance. As regards his philosophy in situations of pain, difficulty or falling down, he says, “no pain, no gain. I accept pain, difficulties and failures as a sacrifice and a lesson to learn and make improvements and correction to achieve success”. In entrepreneurship, your niche is highly vital; the quality that sets you and your business apart from competitors. For Dennis, “i always apply believe in myself, my ability and hard-work brings success to everything I do”.

He says he would love to as a singular important project, establish a successful charity for sustainable development. He already runs a group on facebook called NIGERIA FOR CHANGE; you should check it out and join whilst inviting your friends.

When asked what purpose meant to him, he said, “perseverance when all the evidence are stacked up against you. In other words, take a task that is bigger than you, start a project that seems impossible and at the end you will be stretched to greatest”.

He has so far seen his business grow from a humble beginning to where it is right now.

He is the Director of DenEco, and a qualified Environmentalist, Energy Assessor including being an Associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) with a BSC in Biochemistry and an MSC in Environmental protection from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and the University of Salford, United Kingdom, respectfully.

He is married to Donna Bebo and they have a son. His goal is to see his business become a successful UK and international business enterprise within the next five years.



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