Flawed Perfection or Flawless Imperfections?

Is it okay to be flawed?

In my opinion, it is the way we are meant to be. Even the most perfectly cut diamond when looked at long and hard enough will reveal its flaw.

Flaws are perceived differently by different people. Often times though, they have been portrayed as undesirable and harmful. But have you ever stopped to think about how our world will be if we were all flawless? A world where everybody was perfect and followed an unwritten set of perfect rules, where everything was symmetrical and unbiased, where there was no wrong, no sin – no sin sounds pretty cool, but wouldn’t it all be so, so boring? Everybody would walk around with their perfect smiles, perfect attitudes, perfect careers, perfect friendships, perfect families, and perfect relationships-their perfect lives. If you lived in such a world won’t you feel sick, won’t you just want to pull at your hair and scream?

Sometimes we are unaware of our flaws, yet so painfully aware of the flaws of others. That’s when we delude ourselves into thinking that we are perfect and the world around us is flawed. We could even admit it and say “nobody is perfect” but when we are asked to point out our own flaws we get lost for words. That’s when we earnestly and selflessly aim to remove the specks in the eyes of others (don’t try this at home). This is quite dangerous though because in ignoring our flaws, we ignore the log in our own eyes. Then we blindly attempt a speck removal surgery, in this surgeon mode we are disabled, hence incapable of seeing clearly. After an unsuccessful surgery all that is left are complications. Such complications that include blunt or sharp trauma to the eye (depending on the nature of the surgical equipment used) and in severe cases blindness could ensue. A bigger log and smaller speck may lead to damage of surrounding bodily structures.

This does not mean that all flaws should be accepted without hope or an attempt at change. But, realize that you can’t change the flaws of others, you can point them out (good luck with that!) but you can’t change them. You can only focus on changing yourself. To do that, you need to work on you and your attitudes, and if you have a bit of spare time while sorting out your own crap, sort out some more of your crap! Don’t spend your spare time looking for the flaws in others, recognize instead your own shortcomings and work on them.

Our lives are blissfully flawed and we, the people in it are variously flawed. Flaws are a great part of who we are; though we tend to reject them, ignore them or project them. Importantly, I think it is prudent to acknowledge and accept them first. God loves us, flaws and all. A perfect love as HIS promotes acceptance of flaws and all. We should learn to love ourselves with the love of God, taking the good with the bad.

Every day in life we make choices. You can either choose to be the worst version or the best version of yourself. Some choose not to be themselves, but that’s a story for another day. In my opinion the better choice is to work on being the best version of you. Recognize your flaws, know that you are a diamond in the rough and only you (of course with God’s guidance in the best of scenarios) can cut and shape that diamond into the perfection you are meant to be. Then again, what do I know?


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