Join the SAPELE BOOK DRIVE 2011 by d-xtreme unit

***d-xtreme unit foundation  exists to “challenge the status quo in the minds of young people and motivate them to live on the cutting edge of their God-given dreams and aspirations”. We started in July 2004 and have run our activities from Sapele, Delta State since then.

In 2010 we engaged in a make-over activity for the sapele public library which had not received any form of attention for years. Uppermost in our minds was the strategic importance of books and a reading culture to us as young people. Even though it had almost become a fad and the ‘in-thing’ to turn noses at the derelict situation of our library and having a good laugh in the process, I got to realize that it was not a thing to be taken lightly, if the symbol of enlightenment (especially in this information age) is in such appalling condition. It was based on this that I began to think about what could be done.

Now getting to decided on what to do was not the issue, it was what to do first, since there were a myriad of things to do but too little resources. I therefore decided that it would reduce our costs greatly if we engaged in direct labour, so began our online and offline mobilisation of volunteers who were decided on making a difference even if it was as little as just one machette swipe. Thus began an experience that meandered between fun, laughter, fulfillment, joy, motivation, responsibilty and other such emotions, in the days leading to and beyond the make-over event. It took us three whole days to get the surroundings cleared of weeds, paint the interior and exterior of the library and also replace a few electrical fittings.

I saw young people donate buckets of paints, brushes, machettes, time, energy, calls, encouragement and we realized it was a small but good strategy for bringing the much needed upgrade that would encourage young people to visit the library more.

In 2011, our next step is in beginning an equipping of the library with materials (books, journals, computers, shelves etc). we realize that this would cost us a lot and so we have decided to follow our ealier pattern of asking for bvolunteers, those interested in joining us to make a difference, to donate at least, two books to the sapele public library. Our target is 1000units of books/journals/magazines. We are writing to corporate organisationsto solicit support also but if you are connected to any, please give us a call. By the second week of December, we hope to have presented 1000units of books to the library, an event that will be accompanied by a book reading event.

The support process is simple:

  • Plegede to donate two books on any subject
  • Or send the monetary equivalent to us
  • If you have links to any organisations that would support us with books, call us
  • We have a seller that has promised to support us with two books for the price of one so that is a good place to seeend money to
  • Tell your friends about what we are doing; regularly post and publishh our activities on your facebook wall or twitter timeline or BB wall and encourage people to support us
  • Deadline for getting across to us is December 5, 2011

We are looking forward to another exciting experience, we would love you to be a part of this movement.

Thank you, God bless!

‘yoma onosemuode

Team Leader, dxu foundation

Below is d-xtreme unit SAPELE LIBRARY MAKE-OVER 2010 in pictures….

just before the make-over started

Isaiah, a volunteer, wondering where to start from *laughs*

clearing going on, a mower would have been better o *wink* …but the fun wouldn’t be there

the library work in progress

after clearing, we came back with paints

changing the clour inside from ‘dead’ blue to white caused a little skirmish with library workers…

but we stood our ground. Imagine reading in a pale-blue room, Jesus!!!

shout-out to our volunteers…they made it fun and easy…

painting still going on…

when we were almost done…

another angle to the work…

finally a white interior..and we capped it up with new bulbs plus extra even…no be God?

ok, outside cleared, inside painted, back to painting the exterior…

fence painting going on….shout out to Isaac & Uyi; big time carriers of the vision

painting still going on…o boy, we learn plenty skills that day o

the actual state of the library…untouched for upwards of 10years…

after a long hard day, what a beauty to behold…

completed! the workers were absolutely excited…at least their office would be fun to be at..

finished work…

end of project….SAPELE LIBRARY MAKE-OVER 2010


2 responses to “Join the SAPELE BOOK DRIVE 2011 by d-xtreme unit

  1. What a fine job you brothers are sisters had done. I am very proud of your volunteering spirit. That is what they here in the west. People volunteered their valuable time and resouces to improved their enviroments. May the Almighty God bless you all for your hard work. Unfortunately I am in London, if not I would have been there side by side with you, bringing about the regenerations of our town’s infrastructures. Thanks and thanks again, I am impressed.

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