A man i have always called ‘MY MAN OF MEN’, drops his take on the subsidy removal on his facebook page yesterday. This is a call to all those who lead people, who find themselves in leadership to come out and state their cases because POSTERITY WILL JUDGE!

Since I got back into Nigeria yesterday, I have heard some preposterous arguments that the removal of the fuel subsidy will be justified by wise investments that will benefit all. My response has been…How will a wasteful government suddenly realize the genius of prudence and making the right investment decisions simply bcs there is more money available from oil subsidy removal? Will there be less graft & bribes involved in process of issuing the road contracts or power contracts? Have we sought to honestly find every way we can plug wastage in our leaking economy before we ask a feeble populace to carry the burden of corruption and gross ineptitude of a gluttonous few?

Have the Presidency, the State & Local Governments and the Legislature discovered how to travel without a convoy of 20 cars to the airport? Can the occupiers of these lofty positions act in honour as Barack Obama did in 2010 when he got every member of his cabinet to take a pay cut, starting with himself? Within his first few days as British Prime Minister, David Cameron led the austerity cuts (upon his assumption) by cutting down his convoy to 2 cars and one outrider. The Members of Parliament in Britain are now only allowed 3rd class train tickets on official travel (as opposed to their traditional first class train ticket allowances). The Mayor of London now rides a bicycle to work. Leadership by example!!!

How come our ‘leaders’ in government earn so much and still spend so much furnishing the same houses and offices they furnished with our money last year? Do you furnish your office every year? Why should the President, Governor or Senate President? Wasteful leadership cannot make prudent investments!!!!! Q.E.D The change we need is not just policy. Its in the quality of mind and persons at policy making positions. That said, how will we effectively deliver sustainable desired-change?

History has taught us that governments increase fuel prices, the people fight, students riot, labour unions strike, and then after a couple of weeks, the government reduces the price but never to its original price…and everyone feels like a winner, but the poor know and experience the reality of the loss. Then we start the cycle all over again with another administration. God bless everyone who has stood up against this unjust policy. I salute everyone who has risked their lives to Occupy Nigeria with the message that Enough is Enough. This is only the beginning of a long and arduous journey. The real Nigerian spring is going to be in April 2015. WE NEED A CRITICAL MASS OF NEW NIGERIANS TO TAKE HOLD OF EVERY LEVEL OF POLICY MAKING POSITIONS BY 2015. Not a few good men and women whose voices will get drowned in the cacophony of mediocrity. Let our brightest and best brains begin serious preparations NOW. Don’t wait till 2014 to decide you want to make a change by running for office in 2015. It will be too late if you don’t start NOW!!!!

As we keep up the pressure of PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT PROTESTS through all channels, let another set of emerging leaders (with a heart for the nation and a love for the people) arise and begin to prepare for 2015. We must encourage, train, mentor and empower the right people to go where few dare. I have committed my life to raise and prepare as many exemplary leaders of excellence to take over the various policy making positions at all levels of governance (federal, state and local)- executive and legislative. Even when ‘they’ back down on the fuel subsidy removal, (only because they need the banks to reopen so they can cash some of their billions or so that the airports can reopen so their children can travel back abroad to continue their education), don’t let us be deceived again into submission and celebrate the illusion of victory. Until we change the quality of people in policy-making positions, we won’t yet have real and lasting victory. Don’t get it twisted… The 2015 elections is going to be the opportunity for the real Nigerian Spring.

The real question is …Will we be ready to bring the real change we’ve always desired with the same zeal and fervor as we show now? Please don’t let today’s passion die tomorrow. The struggle continues today, tomorrow and forever. We WILL deliver the future! God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



  1. May God bless u 4 pouring out ur mind nd saying d truth. The problem of dis nation is that, we Nigerians can easily adapt 2 any situation 4getin abt d future of d ppl coming behind us; we also, always fear 4 our life, we fear 4 wat ppl we say abt us; to crown it al, corruption is nothing 2 talk abt, we al believe dat, it’s a way of life in Nigeria. Anyway! Dis is our time 2 fight for our right we sud’nt allow any thing 2 distract us let us al go 2 d street and protest against d removal of dis subsidy, if dey sud remove d subsidy den wat is d benefit we ar gaining 4rm d crude oil or wat has d increase in price in d past done 4 us since we av discover crude oil in Nigeria; instead of it benefiting us, it has only increase corruption and agony of Nigerians. PMS(premium motor spirit) was sold in kobo, b4 dey increase it to #11 to #22 to #70 by OBJ then YARADUA came and remove #5 then dis…. came 2 increase it 2 #150, let al we Nigerians come out nd ask him ao he expect us 2 cope wit d infliation dat dis wil bring 2 d economy, nd d effect dat dis we av on d low class or no class Nigerians even on transpotation, eduction cost of living nd of feeding, security, nd d maket in general. Abt d 2015 election, wat i believe is, if u av 2 get there by any already existing political party then they (d ppl) dat helped u 2 get there wl always dicied 4 u; nd no 1 reckon wit unporpular new political party; den wat’s d solution? “REVOLUTION” Let’s gv dem(federal government) conditions: 1 let there b functioning refinariey. 2 let power sector be reliable. 3 let d transportation sector b functioning nd efficient. 4 let there b gud road network nd d rail way station be functioning nd it sud cut across everywhere in Nigeria. 5 Let them impliment “effectively” d #18,000 minimum wage, nd fulfil al there past promise nd agrements wit labour union. Without al dis been met we must nt agree 2 call off d strike bcs if we do we might nt av a chance like dis 4 d next 50 yrs. Let us ask dem d account of “EFCC” opration Since 1999, d exccess crude oil money, ao dey av been spending it. Without these let us protest dat petrol sud even go back to #22 or dey sud fufill d promise dey made b4 dey increase it 4rm dat price to #65 per liter. Let us ask dem can dey accpet dat one zero sud b remove 4 their salary? Den if d president believes there are nt possible then let him leave there 2 allow som1 dat belives 2 come nd it. There is much 2 say but…. THE FUTURE IS HERE ND IT’S NOW. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!!

  2. The discuss making it round on fuel subsidy call for scrutiny,when we have a Government in place thatis not perturb about the yearnings and aspiration of it citizenry,we ask a question-Do we have a government in place?

  3. The issue at hand is crazy, bt the truth is, we have been deceived 4 so long a time, and i surpose its high time we faced reality. Their has to be a total cutdown on all the the benefits our elected receive. We the masses have been and would be sufferin more, yes removal of subsidy would attract investors, bt the question is, should we suffer and pay the prize for subsidy just for corrupt, greedy and a glutonous few to keep lootin our treasure? NIGERIA is at war with itself. Each of this selected few take home as much money enough to pay the salaries of over 2000 teachers per month, among other allowances just 4 doing little or nothing. Yet, how do we xpect a change when we are very satisfied with the little peanut they pitifully give us from our own resources. Its abt time we uped from our comfort place. I hail thee Nigeria

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