Apart from Tunde Bakare, another pastor bares his thoughts… ‘Tope Popoola

I came across Pst. Popoola’s thoughts on facebook and decided to share it here with you readers. This #occupyNigeria movement has been an arrangement of the young people with Labour getting in the mix a little bit later. I have been saying that Pastors, leaders and public figures need to declaare their stands now at this point so that the people can be sure about who they are following. I have always said that no matter what you preach, if your message does not affect the everyday reality of people, that is definitely not the gospel of the kingdom!


Protected or not, GOSHEN is still in Egypt and that represents slavery. The real questions I want answered as a Nigerian are very simple.

1. Which is supposed to come first, the anaesthesia or the surgery? Shouldn’t the palliatives have been in place before the subsidy removal? Now they sound like an afterthought. Obasanjo promised the whole world that the $30billion debt forgiven us would be spent on power and other infrastructure. We are still in darkness and worse still another $30billion in debt.

2. If as Sanusi said, we consume 35m litres of PMS daily, then subsidy at N73/litre should be N935b for a 366 day year. So how did we get N1.3 trillion in 9 months? Who cropped the extra N365b? Are they ghosts?

3. If there is nothing absurd in spending N1.2 trillion to sustain 449 members of the National Assembly, how come government is now convinced that spending N1.3trillion to subsidize 160million people is outrageous.

4. To show us the way forward, can our Ministers and Governors take a SUBSTANTIAL pay cut and a 50% cut in their security vote as well as a substantial reduction in the number of political jobbers and hangers-on called Special Assistants and Senior Special Advisers who only duplicate the jobs of Cabinet Ministers and Commissioners?

5. If previous governments, with the exception of Abacha and PTF, have not delivered on palliatives, what guarantees do we have now? Let it be said loud and clear that Nigerians do not believe that PMS would sell for N65/litre forever. The question is, after years of rudderless leadership and failed promises, WHY SHOULD WE TRUST OUR LEADERS?


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