I saw this on facebook and thought i should broadcast and inform as much people as possible.


Before the strike indefinitely starts on Monday, 9th January, 2012, these are 10 essential things you need to have in your houses:

1. GAS COOKER and / or KEROSENE STOVE: Will aid cooking, heating, boiling and steaming. (Pls do not rely on electric burners, boiling rings etc, power is not guaranteed during this period).

2. PETROL and / or DIESEL: sounds strange but you will need to power your generator to charge your phones. Pls prepare charge, at least, 1 hour everyday (assuming power isn’t restored at all). Hopefully, this will be the last time you will buy petrol at N141 and above.

3. DESKTOP CHARGER and / or EXTRA BATTERY: you will need to get an extra desktop charger and battery, so that your phone will be on always, particularly those of us using the social media as a tool against Government’s oppression.

4. WATER: Fill up all drums and buckets in your houses with water. Very necessary, if you are married with kids. You may need 2 reuse water e.g use same water used for washing to flush toilets. (Water may not be a problem, if u have a bore-hole or well). There will be no Mai-Ruwa during the strike. Also buy many bags of pure water and / or bottled water.

if u have kids, they will become restless this period, so u need 2 keep them busy. If u get bored easily as well, u need to find other ways to keep yourself busy. (There might be no power for them to watch cartoons, African Magic or football).

6. TOILETRIES:Endeavour to get toilet rolls, toothpaste, soaps, detergents, creams, pads etc

7. RECHARGE CARDS: Make arrangements for enough airtime in your phones. You can also buy and keep recharge cards, particularly if your BIS subscription will soon expire.

8. BISCUITS / SWEETS / NUTRI C / GUMS etc: Very important for kids, particularly when they start getting restless.

9. CONTRACEPTIVES / CONDOMS: The strike will make busy couples, who rarely see themselves during the day, come in close contact. They will be “forced” to be together throughout the day. Many wives will romantically love it and the last thing we need is to increase the number of the family, due to NLC/TUC strike.

10. FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD: This is the most crucial. Provisions (cornflakes, milk, beverage, sugar etc); noodles; ingredients; staple foods; bread, butter, garri etc. The list is non-exhaustive as concerns food.

If we must move forward as a nation, we need to play our part in the success of this strike and protests. Our demand is not limited to the reversal of pump price to N65 alone. It now includes: Identifying and prosecution of the petroleum cabal, drastic reduction (75% cut) in all salaries of politicians and public office holders, fixing of existing refineries or building of new ones, probe of the accounts and activities of NNPC and effective policies against institutionalised corruption.

Let it be said, “that if you do not have anything worth dying for, then you are not worth living”. I have finally found a cause to die for and accepting removal of fuel subsidy means am DEAD anyway. Martin Luther King Jnr couldn’t tolerate racial segregation and so he Marched. The revolt starts now.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei Aluta Continua but Victoria Ascerta.



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