This na action film!

Is it that as a people we seem to be the problem? If we have always had an opportunity to take the land and we have always allowed our judgements to be clouded by the counsels of evil men, do we then have a reason to blame them? Blaming them may be a first step but it leads us back to ourselves.

This has been a government of hooplas. They have been absolutely sensational. What is suspect, is their leaning towards all things shallow; so much hullabaloo without substance. A lot of publicity, without a show following. I think it has differed from the ones before it, only in the depth and deception employed in toeing the same old path of evil.

When they got into office, a lot of Nigerians were ecstatic, easily going ahead to offer their thoughts and advice, since this Niger-delta son from Otuoke seemed like the real deal, ready to cause transformation. Many Nigerians concluded that they were in for a wonderful experience. High expectations, glossy predictions. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! At the same time, a lot of people sounded the warning that there was no reason to have hope, because nothing had changed. Of course it wasn’t he popular path and even those that didn’t vote the president fought those people and thoughts down and hoped that the trend and wave of hope would bring the Nigeria of our dreams.

Over the last nine months of this administration, we have not seen anything new. No radical monumental drive towards the much needed change; no move forward. It has been about what a few want and very importantly, they have developed intelligent ways to keep up the charade. Nigerians have been brought to a point where expectation is dead and we are living on hope against hope. Distrust in government is at the highest but people still hope. IT IS EVIDENT THAT NIGERIANS HAVE A HUGE CAPACITY FOR PAIN.

The charade should stop!

First the election results badly split the nation having been propagated on the platform of ethnicity, tribalism and religion bordered by allegations of rigging by the notorious People’s Democratic Party. When the protests and carnage followed, GEJ showed how ‘presidential’ he was by getting his goons to call out his rival to calm down the carnage when he should have come on TV, radio, etc to condemn, assure and motivate strength among his people.

GEJ stepped into office and the first hoopla was the appointment of government officials. Nigerians saw the same old brigade of looters and incompetent politicians being appointed by GEJ to power his so-called ‘transformation agenda’. No sooner had the same populace who a few weeks before held high hopes of change begin to slip into the status quo of despondency.

Next, the issue of single term spread like wild fire across the nation’s landscape producing a variety of opinions and protests but majorly government found their idea totally repugnant in the walk of the myriad of problems that citizens currently found themselves. People could hardly understand why the president all of a sudden thought the most pressing issue was the tenure of the president and governors.

After then came the issue of minimum wage. As expected, this once again brought the nation to a stand-still. Workers couldn’t agree with why the government was playing chess with their livelihood considering. Government once again showed how much they lacked touch with the citizenry and the lack of will to drastically improve the lives of their people. Of course, after a while and so many accusations and counter accusations, from governors and the presidency, Nigerians adjusted and stopped complaining – more despondency.

Then we woke up to the gyrations of the gay rights bill and Nigerians, not the government, but how Nigerians celebrating a farce. I tried to understand though, that citizens being so desirous of some hope, some semblance of government working were so glad to finally find something to rejoice about. Of course it was government getting the people busy about nothing.

Next came the hoopla of fuel subsidy; the government has once again shown their insensitivity to the plight of Nigerians. I would not go into the various detailed analyses on the foolishness of the subsidy removal even if there was a removal.

Like I have said and a lot of respected activists, thought leaders old and young has said, it is an issue of trust! IT IS ALL ABOUT TRUST!

Government has in the last nine months exhausted the trust which the Nigerian people reposed in it. There is so much disdain and distrust in the system; people do not regard their government as father they can run to, its agents have milked the people and set their teeth on edge.

A lot of people (not me anyway) thought we would get a better deal with this new administration because we have had a bumpy ride in our national life. Embarking on this present trip had bellied huge suspicion yet hope from a badly bludgeoned populace seeking a breather of some sort. We have been through a lot, some say too much.

  • What is the way out?
  • What are we about?
  • What do we believe for?
  • What do we stand for?
  • Is this our lot?
  • What is the way out of this dungeon?

President Goodluck Jonathan must understand that we are about Nigeria achieving good governance; we are for justice and the fear of God prevailing. We are not against him but against bad governance, about common good and justice for the oppressed.

Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. The sermonisation is over…it is time for us to speak out, and speak out we will! Because if we keep shut, we die! We speak we may die! We would rather die speaking than live forever enslaved! #occupyNigeria.


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