PIX of #occupyNigeria…uprisings, death, police, celebrities and the NIGERIAN PEOPLE!

The protest marches all across the nation shows how much the common people are tired and despondent. people want a change and believe this is a great way to get themselves heard. On the other hand, the Federal Government seems set to take this deadlock all the way. how this will turn out no one knows but already, casualties have been recorded and the first of this Monday’s protest comes from Ogba in Lagos. I honestly thought that the last place tragedy would occur would be Lagos, it is really a dicey situation now and situations like this give verve to the protest.

Apart from about 90% compliance with the strike, protest marches held in almost every state in the nation even in the president’s home state of Bayelsa.

Public figures like  Femi Falana, Dede Mabiaku, Muhammed Fawenhinmi, Ebuka, Ras Kimono, Femi Kuti, Ruggedman,  Widows of Beko Ransome-Kuti and Chima Ubani were also there.

Sam Dede son of the soil lead#occupynigeria in Port Harcourt

Tunde Bakare trended worldwide today even though he doesn’t have a twitter account. He was there with his wife & first child.

“The subsidy money has already been shared” – Pastor TundeBakare.

“Jonathan is not thinking right, that’s why he’s not talking right.” –Tunde Bakare

We have a President that does not think b4 he talks – Pastor Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare made us understand at the protest that “Ole remains ole” and was of the view that the fuel price should be reverted.

Femi kuti says all Public Holders must start earning 18,000 Naira. No more Travel allowance

Port Harcourt..



Sasha P…. we also had Ruggedman, Femit Kuti, Seun Kuti, and a host of other celebs..


Area Fada…

Port harcourt…BTW they had actor Sam Dede somewhere on the front lines




And then there was a recorded death at Ogba in Lagos……..


Where does this all end? it lies in the hands of Nigerians………


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