“A spiritual revolution is underway in Nigeria. Revolution rarely begins suddenly; instead they grow up over time as people become less and less satisfied with conditions as they are. One incidence will lead to another and tensions will continue to mount until one catalytic event becomes the flashpoint that propels them into action. I see all over Nigeria discontent and unrest such as we have never seen is about to engulf the entire nation…The powers that be in the nation have silenced the poor with the support of the mighty but they all do not see the brewing lava in the middle… I see a whirlwind, I see a gale, and I see a terrible inferno about to engulf this nation. It is labeled middle class discontent. When the uprising begins, there will be an end to every oppressor… Expect in Nigeria in the days to come the middle class discontent… First, it’s a destructive fire; next, it’s going to be a restorative fire…
People of the same trade are coming together. I see them in the spirit. People of the same kindred spirit, they are coming together, they are forming alliances such solidarity that you have never seen before. It is stronger than NLC. It began just in spots, nobody knows when it begins. People of the same kindred spirit. Just like the Americans did to Britain and rebelled totally against the kingdom and the Queen. They are going to rebel totally against this Nation and they are going to shout the scream of the spirit – Enough is enough! These are the people that will be in the vanguard of what you do not want to hear about – the Sovereign Constitutional Conference. Those who are hindering it will be history by the time this historical event is taking place in Nigeria. The lid is lifted. We are going to sit on the table of brotherhood and the Sovereign Constitutional Conference will be formed and the decisions will be final ushering a new Nigeria.
The Holy Spirit is stirring and orchestrating a revolution in the spiritual and moral environment of our Nation. He is stirring up the spirit of genuine builders of our Nation where no one will be oppressed, but many of these builders are not here now. They are outside of the Nation. I see serious contemplation, agitation, restlessness in their spirit. They are packing their loads, returning home. God is making room for them to build the ruins of this nation. Exiles are returning with their expertise. They are bringing back resources in our land. The old has collapsed, the new is rising. A nation where no one is oppressed.
courtesy – Emeke Ossai



  1. Dis prophecy is being fulfilled in our days. Come Lord Jesus n visit dis nation. Finished dat which u started oh Lord

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