WEDNESDAY PIX from WARRI….#occupyNigeria


I finally was able to get from Sapele to personally get my feet on the streets at Warri; and while AIT said nothing happened anywhere outside Asaba, it was a peaceful groundswell in the oil city, with labour, NBA, human rights activists and youths… though there were a few incidences with miscreants, we got to have a peaceful event. BLESS GOD!

opening prayers…

leaders coordinating the start..

at enerhen junction..

speeches at enerhen junction

what they are staying…

i trip for the crowd sef…

that was me somewhere around there in the mix…

yeah and with ifeanyi ikerolo…my guy on the ground 24-7



6 responses to “WEDNESDAY PIX from WARRI….#occupyNigeria

  1. The subsidy removal is a gud thing but the president should have used this period for awarenss so many protesters are ignorant of the benefit it will bring later.the leader of the NLC should stop d strike and give the president the time he ask for ,and if by that time noting has been done dat is when thy can fight for their right

  2. Subsidy removal is good but this is not the way to remove it… making the citizens pay for government ineptitude. They should make the refineries work and then we aould no longer need to import fuel… therefore there will no longer be anything to subsidise. It is so simple that I suspect the motives of this government. In fact I believe they have looted to the point that there is no money left to keep government running so they have gone to the IMF for a loan. IMF has told them the pre-requisites for the loan and that is what they are hell bent on carrying out. Our Nation is finally sliding into the precipiece that we have played around for years and Jonathan is the only person in Nigeria who can stop this particular slide by complying with the wishes of the people

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