CHRIS OKOTIE’S TAKE ON #occupynigeria

Nigeria is going through birth pains, which hopefully, will lead to a renaissance, if our leaders learn to prioritise the people above statistics and economic projections. What got us into this vicious circle is the propensity of our leaders for what I call “political ad-hocism”, which in simple terms means short-sighted or fire brigade approach to planning.But there’s no shortcut to development if a nation is to progress on solid ground. In times like this, we can look into scripture for inspiration.

In Genesis 33 verses 1-15, we learn a useful lesson from Jacob in his encounter with his twin brother, Esau, after their reconciliation. Esau approached Jacob with a 400-strong Calvary regiment with a request to go on a journey with him to Seir. Jacob declined on the excuse that in his company are women, children and young flock who may likely get hurt if they attempt to keep pace with Esau’s seasoned regiment. He urged his hairy brother to go ahead and let his own group follow at a convenient pace.What do we make of this?

Our leaders must realize that we can not develop our country based on the templates of more advanced nations like America or China, especially if we consider our misery index which was brought about by endemic corruption in government and economy mismanagement. Therefore, it is being penny wise, pound foolish to attempt to save money for tomorrow when there’s no provision to contain the present ravages of hunger and starvation in the country. Any policy without a human face is bound to fail and that explains the mass resistance we have seen from the populace in this strike. our cry today is harambee, aluta continua!!!


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