Corruption-jaundiced leaders & a rally on Saturday #ojota #occupynigeria

The Nigerian people have been through all sorts; oppression, repression, brutalisation, imprisonment, death, stolen funds, brain-drain, piracy and all other sorts of assault on the psyche of a seemingly hapless people.

I find it stupid and a miscarriage of responsibility that the federal government is ready to exalt a political fight above national security by leaving soldiers on the streets of Lagos to badger innocent and peaceful citizens rather than send them all to Borno state et al, where they are needed to secure our sovereignty from idiotic and brainwashed fundamentalists.

But what do they say? The Federal Government has declared that soldiers would remain deployed in Lagos and other strategic cities in the aftermath of the street demonstrations over the removal of fuel subsidy.

Minister of Defence, Dr. Bello Haliru Mohammed, made this disclosure during a media chat on the state of security in the country occasioned by protests, killings and bombings. Mohammed said as a responsive government, the President Goodluck Jonathan administration would not risk withdrawing soldiers from the streets while some aggrieved unleash violence on Nigerians.

As a reponsive government? What government? A so-called listening government that is deaf to the cravings of its people? A government of lies, tales by moonlight and corruption-jaundiced technocrats who are Bretton woods apologists?

This is without doubt, the worst form of irresponsibility shown by Aso rock but something tells me w aree yet to see the worst.

#occupynigeria must not let steam off, we must keep on educating our people, we must keep demanding the highest levels of accountability from the government till we see Nigeria, the new Nigeria begin to emerge.

Meanwhile, a victory rally is up for saturday at the Gani Fawehinmi Park, Ojota. How responsive our government will be, is left to be see.


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