He was recommended for sack but he is now the new IGP!

Reports say POLICE boss Hafiz Ringim, has tendered his retirement letter with immidiate effect while a Police helicopter is on its way to Bauchi now to bring the former  AIG MD Abubakar and now IGP MD Abubakar to Abuja . The new IG of Police MD Abubakar has been Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Kano and AIG Zone 12.

Official announcement is likely to be made today, and as a result of his appointment, six DIGs have been forced to resign from the Police Force. Police source says Ringim pleaded for more time to handle the growing insecurity but was not granted.

But Presidency source says Ringim did not resign but was asked to proceed on terminal leave – diplomatical way of ousting him

But the question is, is it now time to celebrate? Or is this another blunder in the making? Read below the recommendation of panels as regarding MD Abubakar. We must be students of history and take advantage of it.

This same MD Abubakar was indicted with complicity in the gruesome killing of Dr Shola Omoshola and was recommended for sack by the Oputa Panel.

Also, the Justice Niki Tobi panel on the Jos 2001 crisis has recommended the retirement of Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG), Zone 5, Muhammed Abubakar. Abubakar was Plateau State Commissioner of Police during the ciris.

The panel was constituted by former Governor Joshua Dariye to look into the September 7, 2001 crisis. Since it concluded its sitting, its report was not made public until yesterday. In a White Paper released in Jos, the state capital yesterday, the panel suggested that Abubakar should be dismissed if he refuses to retire.

The panel said: “Religious fanatics should not be posted to head state police commands. The commission recommends that for his ignoble role during the September 2001 crisis which resulted in the loss of lives, the former Commissioner of Police, Plateau State Command, Alhaji M.D. Abubakar, be advised to retire from the Nigeria Police Force and in the event of his refusal to do so, he should be dismissed from the service.”

It recommended that the Hausa/Fulani should be encouraged to discuss with other communities and “accept the ownership of Jos by the Ajizere, Anaguta and Berom”. “Anything short of that will not make for peace”, the panel added.


So my fellow Nigerians, what are we in for?


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