Time not ripe for increase in minimum wage, says Uduaghan

Culled from Vangaurd

Asaba—DELTA State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, has disagreed with agitations for increase in minimum wage, insisting that individuals should rather make adjustments in their expenditure patterns in conforming to the realities of the time.

Speaking during his monthly television and radio chat with Deltans, in Asaba,  the governor, said that he liked living by example, adding that even before the agitation for reduction in the cost of governance, he had taken steps to reduce cost by cutting down on the number of aides  and cars that accompany him to official assignments.

He said: “I do not believe people should agitate for minimum wage now. The first thing to do as individuals is to look at ourselves; it is not only governments that usually spend much. Individuals need to also cut down on their spending also. If you are the type, who drinks more than three bottles of beer, this is time to cut down.

“Secondly, Mr. President has signed a new tax law, we are expecting the document from Abuja. What we hear is that workers will now pay less tax and I had told my officials to pursue that document, when we get it, I will be among the first to implement it. It will allow workers have more money to spend. We should not be talking about agitation for wage increase.

“In terms of reduction in cost of governance, which people complain about, I want to say that I had started with my staff. I have cut down on the number of people appointed and the number of vehicles that follow me on trips. My position is that it should start from myself by cutting down on cost of governance and I want every other public official to do same.”

He noted that with new cut tax legislation signed by President Jonathan, civil servants will have more money to spend and charged public office holders in the state to support the drive to reduce the cost of governance in line with the realities of the time.


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