Is our President weak? GEJ to Boko Haram: make we yarn!

All great democracies shun opportunities to seat across a table from their terrorists.

Terrorism as a crime is not on the same plain with armed robbery for example. Terrorism is an uprising against the sovereignty of a people and for a people as key to the world’s economy and highly strategic to Africa’s growth and prosperity like Nigeria, dialoguing with boko haram, grants them the much needed legitimacy; I wonder what message that sends to other groups and the international community.

Nigeria is at a cross-roads and an epoch-making period in its existence and it is behooving on a sensitive and responsible leadership to put the over-riding interest of the people, prime in all their policies. A meet with boko haram will indicate an inability of the government to stand fast, hard and firm against the enemies of the people.

What is my president thinking? What is the philosophy of this government? What is the logic of his actions? Are they random? Are they calculated? Why would they seek to impoverish their people and in the same month extend an olive branch to a terror group that has claimed responsibility for taking the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of Nigerians?

On October 1st, 2011, THE PLATFORM event, a knowledge fair hosted by the ‘Poju Oyemade-led Covenant Christian Centre, Lius Araujo, a former legal counsel to the president of Colombia 2003-2005 as liaison to the American congress, in speaking on “Colombia, the turn of a country”, from the experience they had with drug barons running their country, he categorically stated, “you cannot trust terrorists-you cannot trust them”. You don’t dialogue with terrorists; you dialogue with your people! This has also been echoed by the world’s established democracies.

How does the government expect boko haram to be reasonable? There is no term of reference between light and darkness! Can you imagine the United States government negotiating with Al Quaeda? Has soft-landing for our corrupt politicians, allowing them to go without punishment and the politicization of our nation’s corruption war (comparable to negotiating with corruption), not encouraged its menace? Are we not in a worse state due to our accommodation of the practitioners of corrupt practices? Are we not going to be better off putting the axe to the root of the tree rather than avoiding it?

After #occupynigeria, I still wait for those long-term policy initiatives that will convince me that this government is not rudderless or spineless; I am scared at the thought patterns and initiatives being displayed by these actors in power. Where are we headed with all these ill-thought-out plans? How can we negotiate with…? Ii am shocked and livid! Just imagine how the headline would read on CNN and Al-Jazeera?

It is either GEJ has bowed to the pressures of boko haram through mistrust or incompetence in his government which of course consist of the shenanigans that brought him to power. So as usual, maybe against his own personal deep-seated conviction, Mr. President goes cosmetic again!


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