If I told you, you were the reason…

I guess my life would have risen

From the thought of what you’d have told me

But I find myself in a prison

Unable to find my true rhythm

In my regular now and then living

Oh! What a desert, what a shame that I find nothing in my mouth to say

When I have a lot in my heart’s conclave

May be my fault, if I loose out

And though I find it hard, God gave me the part

So help me to say my lines on the pages of her heart

I know it’s real so it’s really damn hard

But I must get there someway, someday, somehow

I mean right now!




The days are evil, papa explains; in my days: hmm…

Now humans are more inhuman, scheming characterizes his existence

Even the clouds burn off with time,

Our epidermis is in the wake of an epidemic.

I see no familiar faces, of course I’m looking…still looking

But all around me is darkness; you could slice through with your hand.

From the distance I hear the cries, wailings rent the air;

Is that mama? Searching for the kids?

I feel a cold chill down my spine.

The air is still as it can be

I think I feel these things aren’t happening

But I don’t know for sure

Because I’m in the airport dozing away

On a trip to see my angel so whatever is happening,

I’m obviously not seeing, not feeling, just dreaming.




From outer space into our galaxy right down to our earth,

Come the droplets,

Formed into showers

Sprinkling on my face

With bare feet I stand.

Chest heaving and fast breathing characterize my torso

The currents already forming around and within my feet

Bearing in its wake, dry leaves

Now wet, mingling with debris

I’m clad in boxers and singlet

Surrounded by all types of flowers

Gazing at my intrusion

I feel blessed to be eerie; lines of a smile not yet formed outline my face

Because all I ever wanted was right here,

Right now in my heart


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