Cover of "Falling"


What if you spent your whole life wishing for something else?

What if your dreams are almost but never a reality?

What if time held up your wish for a different life altogether?

What if you lived, living another’s life?

What if you craved to be someone you were never meant to be?

What if your ‘life’s dreams’ were not actually really yours?

What if you woke up and your whole life was just a dream?

What if you never woke up but lived your entire life like you dreamed?

What if your confusions were actually your life?

What if life throws you another chance?

What if you never had a chance at life?

What if life threw you half a chance?

What if you never spoke or heard?

What if you never had a mind?

What if you never had a dad?

What if your mum never came back home?

What if those you always loved trusted became your foes?

What if those you never loved gave you the best chance you ever had?

What if your greatest obstacle was yourself?

What if…




If life was in my power, I’ll never go through pain

No more people dying, folks crying, making mistakes, getting overtaken by grief.

I wake up everyday to the sound of bad news, that is not so new anymore,

Never few or far between; trying to take control of my soul.

Have you ever lost someone? Have you ever missed the one you loved, knowing you will never see them again?

One you never thought would be here today and gone tomorrow?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I never thought I’d ever feel this bad and so pained,

I never made time out to say how much I loved her

But she’s so far now; as far as far can be, without family or friends around

It’s all ended now you know!




Trust every man to fail, but trust someone anyway.

God can’t fail, He doesn’t know how

So in trusting, let God be the anchor, so that when man fails,

You’ve still got someone to hold on to

Stay connected because the closest of friends will be the ones to fail you.

So when they do, don’t take it too hard, they are closest to you,

They will mess you up but wait a minute-

Don’t judge too rashly because you’ll fail them also,

How would you want to be judged?

The birth of a baby can’t take place without the breakout of fluid,

So it is with new levels of friendship.

Maturity demands that we learn from all situations,

And though I don’t like some things, I keep falling into them,

It only shows me-it’s a passing phase

Because I want to know you, whether you want to know me or not

For there’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother;

I want to be that kind of friend!




Feelings may just get a little deceptive

Falling short or overshooting its reality

How can we then depend so greatly?

On something that’s so volatile

Setting in motion series of “likelihoods”

There’s got to be something more definite

A hard and fast rule to identify plainly,

What is and what really is

How do we detect if it’s really love

Because much more than feelings, it is reality

But a reality carried on the wings of our feelings




She’s my lover; oh I mean I…er love her,

What makes her my wonder is the fact that I want her

No mistaking, I’m her brother, her husband but above all,

I want to be a ‘friendlier’.



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