Are these really Almajiri?

“It has been all over the news that President Goodluck Jonathan today commissioned the first of a series of schools aimed at giving the northern Nigerian kids popularly known as “Almajiris” a chance of proper education.

The federal government plans to build 400 “Almajiri” schools across the 19 northern state of the Nigerian federation. 100 of the schools  will commence operation in June 2011.”

As great as this idea is, it should be clear that i don’t believe in our governments ability to implement their ideas. Starting this is not the issue, having a short-term, medium and long-term plan for implementation. Is there even a plan for these schools till 2020? These issues has plagued us as a nation for so long, i don’t believe that it will be so easy to solve.

Meanwhile, i wonder how these good looking kids here are Almajiri.


What do you think? Plz share comments

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