Ibori and the Value Question!


After so many hullabaloos, the hour of reckoning finally came for Former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori. Some of our people in Delta state never believed this day will come. He seemed something of a phoenix, always finding a way back; his own way.

It is shameful to see my fellow statesmen floating advertorials in the dallies telling Ibori “you will never walk alone”; what an insult to the collective sensibility of Deltans whose lives have been forever altered one way or another through the indiscretions of the monster – Ibori.

I wonder how thirteen years suffices, but it is one we will receive on a platter considering that he would have walked free if it were left to the PDP-led government of Nigeria. Thirteen is a life-time; a lot would have happened by then, kids born this year would have become teenagers, those who are kids today will become the youth leaders then, while the youth leaders of today will not forget the foolishness of the past when they become the connoisseurs of power. Thirteen years is indeed a long time.

BBC in tagging the story aptly surmises him thus; “James Ibori was a petty criminal who once worked for the DIY store Wickes, but he re-invented himself as one of the richest – and most corrupt – of Nigeria’s regional governors.

He was jailed for 13 years after pleading guilty to fraud charges totalling around £50m. He used aid money – much of which came from the UK – to fund a jetset lifestyle.

Imagine that on your tombstone! I hope this is a lesson to our present crop of leaders and more especially, the next generation who are ‘occupying’ the streets, twitter and facebook in preparation for government house in the near future.


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