CRY OF A LADY: “I am ripe for marriage” WHAT DO YOU THINK?

By Chukkie45

I came across a picture yesterday depicting a fruit on a tree with the caption “I am ripe for marriage” and it just got me thinking & I decided for once to put my thoughts to paper…*smiles*

This is actually for the ladies that are “RIPE” for marriage…

Ripe sudachi fruits

Ripe sudachi fruits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Firstly when a fruit on a tree is ripe, it just sits there doing its thing which is being a ‘ripe’ fruit & people get attracted to it. The point being ladies, when you get to that phase in your life, please don’t become desperate, just keep being you & the “ripe” guy for you will locate you.

Now there’s different types of people that can be attracted to the “ripe” fruit.

Firstly you have the ones that would pick up a stone or any other object of choice & start throwing at the fruit hoping they will hit it maybe because they have a good aim or just hopeful persistence will pay off. The fruit can also get bruises & scars in the process but that’s the least of their concern. As far as they get the fruit, they are good. Most times they get it but by the time they get it, they don’t really value it because its been bruised(forgetting they bruised it) & in no time, they drop it & look for another fruit to “pluck”.
There’s also another bunch who use sticks or any other long object to prod till the fruit falls. The risk here is also the same as the first in that bruising may & will most likely occur & the fruit gets same treatment as the one in the first instance.

Now there’s another set that would come & just ‘wait’ hoping that time, chance & the forces of nature would somehow just cause the fruit to fall into their arms. One word ” LAZY”. These are also no good. They usually do not value the fruit when it comes because they didn’t “work” for it.

Now this next set gets to the tree, beholds the very beautiful fruit & then begin to make their way up the tree. Now this sounds like a serious group that mean business. But then when they get to a “seemingly” comfortable height, they wait there & do one of the following: they bring out the pebbles they have stuffed in their bag & start throwing at the fruits(group 1), or they reach for the stick that has been strapped to their side & start prodding(oh my God! Group 2) or they reach for the branch holding the fruit & start shaking it furiously hoping the fruit would “fall”(Group 3 only this time they are being the force). This bunch, well, yes they did “work” by climbing but its just sad because they are not finishers. By the time they get down to pick the “fallen” fruit, its usually damaged & they don’t have any use for it anymore(of course forgetting that they caused the fall that resulted in the damage).

And now here comes the last but not the least set… Here comes the “different” bunch… The ones that stand out. This set gets to the tree, see the fruit, get attracted to it, determine that they want it, count the costs & then set out to go get the fruit. They make the journey up the tree through the thin branches & all, taking all the risks to get to the fruit & when they get to it, they don’t just pluck it, they observe it to make sure it’s fully ripe, ensure it is actually what they want & then they pluck it & keep it safe & secure in the bag strapped over their shoulders. Then they get down, go home & enjoy the “full” value of the fruit.

Now ladies, put yourself in the position of the “ripe” fruit & let the different set of “pluckers”(permit my grammar) be the men that come to ask for your hand in marriage. Which set would you prefer?

Ladies please know your value. You are beautiful, made in the image of God & you are jewels of inestimable value. Please see through the masks and don’t settle for just anything.

Just keep being you and he that the Lord has made that will be willing to do the “work” will definitely come.



5 responses to “CRY OF A LADY: “I am ripe for marriage” WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  1. Dats a tru story…may God give d ladies d grace 2 realise d virtue D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ ‘v got..

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