GREAT OGBORU: His take on the State of Delta and the Nation

The alleged winner of 2011 governorship candidate in Delta State, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru has confirmed Urhobo Times earlier reports that he may join the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) contrary to denial by some members of the Democratic Peoples Party(DPP) His words, “True, we were talking with the ACN. The plan we had was to move into the ACN as a party after the election. Before then, we just had an election in which our party made giant strides. Within three months, it was not politically wise to drop a party that has become a household name in the state and start to build another brand. So we said ‘no’. In Delta State, there are only about five or 10 people who are AC N and I admit they are good people. Unfortunately, the followership is not there, they are with us. We were once in AD, so when we left, our followers left with us. So when we go back, we will be going back to our natural habitat. It is work in progress”.

Chief Ogboru who spoke in an interview with a news magazine said further, “Today, we have two political parties in Delta state. PDP and the DPP. There are two standing leaders in Delta state. One is far away in London. I am the only one in Nigeria today. Ibori is the
leader of the PDP in Delta State and I am the leader of the opposition there. Any other actor is a fringe actor and really hasn’t got a political space.”
On PDP, he said, “The PDP in Delta State is a very dangerous specie, extremely dangerous. They have so much money, so much power and so much influence. They would bribe a corpse. As somebody said: If they saw God today, they would bribe him; so, we are dealing with a very dangerous specie. They have done everything possible, and we all know this, to undermine the judiciary in this country. Ninety percent of the problem with the judiciary in Nigeria today is coming from Delta State PDP. They are exporting vices that are destructive to the unity and cohesion of our country. We have to be very careful. They are not people you can dine with, or you do so at your own peril”.

However, Chief Great Ogboru also did not rule out the possibility of joining the PDP in response to another question on the unpredictable nature of politicians. His words, “In politics nothing is impossible.But in this case, I think, it is extremely unlikely, but not impossible. In the last general elections, when we had to endorse President Goodluck Jonathan, I told my supporters that the President has not even sent somebody to talk to me, so how do you want me to endorse somebody who has not talked to me? But they replied “No you must do it, forgive him, he has not talked to us. The issue brought some kind of heated argument. Chief Edwin Clark was even lambasting me for taking that kind of view. I just could not bear all these old men and young ones railing against me, some crying. Not that I wouldn’t have endorsed Goodluck Jonathan, but just thought it was discourteous of him not to talk with us. So, the kind of people who you have around you as a politician can influence your decisions”.

On the achievement of Delta State in the last 12 years, Chief Ogboru said. “Assess the achievement in terms of how much Ibori alone stole. Over there, they put it at $400 million. That is N67 billion. And as the prosecutor said, that is even the tip of the iceberg. Consider the statistics from the Ministry of Finance on how much federal allocation has gone to Delta State in 12 years and you will be horrified by the degree of theft compared to the backward state of Delta “The amount of money that Bretton Woods raised to industrialize entire Europe after the second world war was $2 billion; it cannot be compared to the money that a little Delta State has spent since 1999. But go and look at the place and see what you find there. It’s still an eyesore. Most of the towns in Delta state remain shanties. There isno one that is a modern town. The opportunities for development and growth have been wasted.”

On Buhari recent statement on rigging of election in Delta state Chief Ogboru said. “The PDP people are taking it out of context. What Buhari was saying in essence is that, ‘look, you have created a condition which could lead to anarchy and when that anarchy comes, it would consume everybody. That is what Buhari is saying. He is not blood thirsty man. And, in truth, we are creating condition for anarchy and we should live up to that fact. We should face it.” He said further, “What I told you about Delta state and the votes of the people being undermined by the riverine communities is something that could lead to ethnic cleansing. If I was blood thirsty, if I was one of those people who would want to arm youths, all we needed was to buy 200 rifles and give the youths and Delta state would become ungovernable. And, of course, we can drive the PDP out of Delta state within 24 hours; they will run away because 90 percent of the people of Delta are not in the PDP. They do not like the government. But I kept begging the Delta people not to go violent. If I tell the youths, ‘Go and do whatever you want to do, I maintain Uduaghan and his thugs will never come to that state again. I’m not boasting. It’s a statement of fact. In 2007. The PDP chiefs in Delta State slept outside of the state for two weeks”.


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