Nigeria forced evictions

Nigeria forced evictions (Photo credit: Amnesty International)

Each time I read through what people write on the state of our beautiful Country ,it makes me sad. Most of those who talk on the state of this nation know little or nothing on nation building. Folks throw all kinds of mud at our people. They call our people all kinds of names: foolish, gullible, lethargic, stupid…

In the same vein, those who label, dub  my people different derogatory names only complain and would not do anything to make a difference. But may I say to you that only slaves do complain without doing anything to be free! Those who only complain with their arms folded do not usually get to the destination they desire. One of the strong evidences that we are no longer slaves is to stop complaining alone and begin to organize ourselves and ultimately burst into creative activities that shall birth a new nation that we all so desire. If the only thing we know how to do is to complain, I pray we do not all perish as a people, in the long run .

What I am about to share with you has been able to change my life and perception on issues over the years  and I do believe that it shall change yours, too.

Without Leadership, people will not be able to maximize their God given potentials. This is not debatable at all. In every generation, Visionary Leadership brings out the best in people. This makes the subject of Leadership a very serious one because we are talking about destinies of people here.

History has it that the wall surrounding Jerusalem was ripped down by a conquering army and then allowed to sit unrepaired for more than a century! That describes the wall surrounding Jerusalem when Hanani returned to see his brother,Nehemiah in the city of Shushan.

A city wall in ruins was a bad thing in those days. Not only did it leave a city open to attack, but it also prompted ridicule from neighboring power .With Jerusalem, the unrepaired wall also gave foreigners a reason to scorn God, whose holy city it was. That was why Nehemiah wept, mourned ,fasted and prayed when he heard the news of the wall’s condition.

During the 120 years after the walls were torn down by the Chaldeans ,literally tens of thousands of Jerusalem’s people had seen the walls and did nothing. Maybe to them, rebuilding the wall seemed an impossible challenge ,even in the city with plenty of workers… What the people needed was someone to rally them ,plan their course of action and lead them through the re-building process. They needed a leader. Do not forget this: Humanity is wired to provide leadership, but it is also designed to need leadership!

Rally :Leaders bring people together on a purpose .In the history of humanity, there has been no time when the people came together to achieve anything significant without true leadership. Our case in Nigeria shall not be a different one. Once again, Humanity is wired to need leadership. The broken walls of Education ,Judiciary, Economy, Health, Marriage…will never be re-built until a Visionary leader shows up! Once again, the broken wall was not the problem but the absence of a visionary leader. The problem is not the problem, the absence of visionary leadership is the problem! Friends, the problem in Nigeria is not the problem , the absence of visionary leadership is the problem.

             Plan their course of action: Nehemiah was very strategic in planning. I strongly believe that Nehemiah is one of the great Project Managers of all time. He did a very good work breakdown structures .Without thinking on what he would get from it, he determined who did what . He was very good at delegation. He knew how to delegate .He did not delegate work equally, but according to their abilities….It is the job of a  leader to plan the course of action of all he leads.

               Lead them through : Great Leaders lead people through! They do not only rally people  and plan their course of action ,they lead them through everything .Leaders do not only tell people to give, leaders lead people in giving. Leaders do not tell people to sweep, leaders lead people to sweep .Leaders do not tell people to sacrifice ,they lead them to sacrifice. Anytime leaders lead, people gladly follow. I am waiting for the day that our people shall be led through by an arrow-head.

Nehemiah did not import a new set of people .We are not importing people who shall change Nigeria. Nigerians shall change Nigeria! Nehemiah worked with the same set of people. When Nehemiah showed up, people accepted the responsibility to make a difference. The wall in ruins was not the major problem but the absence of a selfless leader. People do what they like until a visionary leader shows up. Remember ,in the days when there was no leader in Israel, people did what they felt like doing. Each time people do what they feel like doing as it is in Nigeria now, do not blame them ,it is the absence of visionary leadership.  Leadership is everything!

The problem that lasted for 120 years got solved in 52 days! Jerusalem was shapeless until a leader who understood the situation showed up .There is no problem that can not be solved when a visionary leader shows up. Visionary leaders study situations! Our problem in Nigeria is not up to 120years(at least from 1960)!When a Visionary leader shows up, it can be solved in days!

Anytime an organization is not doing fine ,do not lay the people off, change the leadership first .If a nation is corrupt as it is in Nigeria, change the leadership .If an organization is not growing ,it’s the leadership. Why? Because everything rises and falls on the leadership.

Jack Welch ,the former CEO of General Electric, in a little more than 20years, guided General Electric through dramatic changes. Who would have expected to see GE leave the small-appliance business and become one of the world’s largest financial services firm? Welch took advantage of opportunities—and avoided pitfalls. The result is the corporation we know as GE today .It’s an organization quite different from the one Welch started out with more than a generation ago.

Welch did have a broad vision for General Electric over 20years time span during which he was CEO .He certainly thought in terms of growth, profit and market dominance .An example is his “rule” that if GE could not be either number one or two, the company would get out of that business. General Electric wouldn’t have expanded  if someone as Welch hadn’t showed up.

The problem of 120 years can be solved in 52 days if a right leader shows up! Nehemiah was not a positional leader, he was a leader by choice .This’ what we need! Later ,a position came .In every generation ,people will always need leaders to fully maximize their potentials .No  ‘Churc’h can fully maximize her potential without Visionary leadership in place .Nigeria can not fully exhaust her potential without visionary leadership. Instead of calling OUR people hogwash  names, step out and be the arrow-head that we need. Remember, you have been called to lead for such a time as this .May you receive His help to function as you should. You are loved!

Thank you.

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