Aircraft: Dassault Falcon 900C / Type: Busines...

Your Excellency sir,
I appreciate all the good works you are doing for Nigeria. You are a man of good will, a benevolent man, with great love for mankind. Your good works are everywhere, even the blind can see your transformation sweeping through the nation.

The purpose of this letter is to formerly request that you approve a private jet for me immediately in a supplementary budget. This has become inevitable as flood has covered my area in lagos. Even after the rainy season, i find it difficult going to my house because of the heavy traffic. Yesterday, i took okada to my office from my house and when i got to the office, i was so dirty that i had to take a bath. This is to mention just a few reasons why i need the private jet.

I believe you are a good Christian and you believe in the teaching of Christ to do unto others the way you do to yourself. You have practised it by approving and buying a private jet for Diezanni Madueke, your minister of petroleum. When i saw it in the budget proposal, i did not believe that you can do this, but i now know you have proven you are a good man. When the 16-seater jet for Diezanni arrived the international airport this week, i was so happy and my hope of getting one was renewed.

It is unfortunate that our airline operators cannot afford the chicken change to buy new aircraft. Hopefully, you will buy for me and many other Nigerians and these poor airline operators will wake up to find out that we are all flying our private jets and will therefore close down operation.

I am happy for you that you have two and have fully paid for another two, Diezanni now has one and i will soon have one, more Nigerians will have and we will all fly with private jets.

You have actually brought Goodluck to us as your name implies.
Thank you, as i clear my compound to enable me pack my private jet as i do not believe that you will pay the huge amount to pack the private jet for me at the airport.

I hope to hear from you soon
Nigeria citizen.


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