My A2W Biz Pack Presentation (Video)…

Nice, i have these fun but educative videos to share. Hope you all have fun checking it out.

Avenues To Wealth recently concluded the June Rally and it was a business, lifestyle and destiny defining event. We are literally going back to the basics and engaging the A2W opportunity in a way that we have never done before. It was a truly fun-event and i met loads of new friends but in all im grateful that i had the opportunity to do a short presentation on the amazing possibilities within the A2W Business pack. Thanks to Jonathan Ichide for capturing this raw format before the edited video comes out.

I am not very used to seeing myself on video, so it wasn’t a funny experience but id love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks and happy viewing:


Avenues To Wealth is a global entrepreneurial platform that grants opportunities to everyone seeking financial freedom, to engage the opportunity and learn within a few months the necessary business skills that will ensuire that in 5 years, you are earning an annual passive income of $50,000.

I will be having a couple of interviews to sponsor/recruit 5 people, if you think you know anyone that satisfies the following criteria:

1. You would love to earn passive income of about $50,000 per annum in another 3-5yrs? That is the financial equivalent of owning 12 town houses in Ikeja axis.

2. You want to travel to see the world and have breath taking experiences?

3. You want to enjoy a closer walk with God, by having time freedom, an impactful blessed life and genuine worship?

4. You want free financial coaching and mentorship and strategic help in taking stock and making progress? I have testimonies of people who have made significant progress.

5. You want to participate in the rebuilding of a New Nigeria, one that is the best Nation on earth to be born into.

If you said yes to knowing someone interested in any of the above, I have space for 5 people each on any of the numbers. I know I can get many interested people on each, what I need however is 5 SERIOUS and qualified people. They must have a compelling Dream and the humility to follow a system!

If you know anyone who wants to be one of my 5, tell them to send a mail right now to Their mail Subject should be: Number 5.

 God bless you!



4 responses to “My A2W Biz Pack Presentation (Video)…

  1. It is nice seeing you again   

    …….sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from MTN


  2. Yoma, even though I missed when you made the presentations, I guess you did it well in these videos. Keep up the good job and for those who really think this post isn’t true, buying the future is possible.

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