Are You Committed To You?

Are you committed to you

It is a given – you want the best for yourself!

Even the mad man walking the streets has dreams of nice things for himself. There is none empty in all of God’s creation, we are all created in His image so we love good things. But does wanting good things prove to be enough for us to see the desired outcomes in our lives? Does having dreams, visions etc permit the desired success to manifest? Why is there such a distance between our dreams and their tangibility?

I have had very interesting experiences in life, having dreams, sharing those dreams; having ideas, sharing ideas; developing concepts, etc; but as interesting as that all sounds, getting my hands dirty has produced more results for me than living in the reverie of ideas, dreams and visions of grandiosity.

I have learnt that the best way to accomplish a big vision is to set smaller goals that you keep on scoring – maybe daily, weekly or monthly, so that by the time you get to your big dream, you might not even realize that you have already gone past achieving it. Setting goals per day, per week or per month is a time-tested and trusted way to deliberately apprehend your destiny.

Two years ago, i had just watched “The Secret” and decided  to sort out my ten major goals for the year and write them down; truth be told, i was scared about the magnitude of what i had in my head as dreams, but shortly after that intense experience, astonishing things began to happen. One of my goals just ended up showing up right in front of me, in the form of an opportunity. When I got through sorting it out, I saw another opportunity online that was directly linked to some of those ten goals? What ensued was a season of discovering the power of goals, the interconnections of every pain and experience of  my past. How opportunity matched/met opportunity to lead me to success.

I surmise that visions should serenade your heart until everything about you is about it. You must have a clearly defined preferred end. Then you need to set out daily, weekly or monthly goals that are in line with your vision. I heard somewhere that “goals generate corresponding action”, that when you are very clear about what you want, the universe begins to respond to your strong desires. Opportunities that drive your goals or towards your goals will begin to show up around you; it is left for you to act fast and precisely.

He that looks at the wind will not sow so the good book teaches us. You are not meant to look at anything outside of you, look inside! God didn’t call us to make anything happen, He called us to live in what He already FINISHED.

One of my mentors said, if you want more? BE MORE first! I know you pray and fast a lot about a better tomorrow. the question is “are you committing hand and feet to your dreams?”, “ARE YOU COMMITTED TO YOU?”


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