Work, Play, Earn and Live!

“POOR & RICH are both a state of mind, far beyond money in the bank” – Yoma Victor

work, play, earn and live

work, play, earn and live

Why do we talk so much and do so insignificantly little?
Why do we struggle to make ends meet and hope for a BIG throw down?
We lack almost everything under the sun, yet plaster a smile on our faces,
In a bid to look good to everyone else, but do they even know you exist?

No single one of God’s creation is born empty; the truth is that we all have riches within
Everyone has a massive deposit of wealth:
Then why do we live lives of woe, pain, misery – suffering and smiling?
Many are dreaming for a brighter day, praying for their ‘turn to be blessed’ (whatever that means);
Matter of fact, for many, the preoccupation with ‘hoping’ for a brighter day is exactly what keeps them in the cycle of lack.

Funny how the poor tell lies to themselves, they truly envy the wealthy, yet thrash-talk them;
Their security lies in community with their fellow poor (pity parties), anything, to belong somewhere!
True riches are within us all… our assignment should be finding it out!
We need to discover the mechanism for processing out our deposit of wealth;
God is no respecter of people – and so is money; anyone can have God – same with money!

If you would tell yourself what I told myself a few years ago,
Your life would be filled with less bitterness, blame and pain!
You would find the right questions that will produce the answers of your life.
Life is lived at the height of service, anything less is NO LIFE!
To live a life of service, money must be working for you…when you work for money all your life, you live a ‘selfish’ life by default!
Until you discover the processing mechanism for your goldmine, you can’t live to fulfill your life!


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