Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things

“You become what you think about”, I have heard it said many times and recently it was reiterated when I watched the movie ‘The Secret’. For you to have anything tangibly, you must first possess it in your thoughts. The law of attraction states that “things are always coming into your life; either good or bad and every one of them was a thought in your head that crystallized into actual experiences”.

In my pursuit of purpose, I have come to an assumption that purpose-driven people have the most productive thoughts per second (hopefully, i will soon have empirical evidence of this assumption). Have you ever thought about this? How come the most creative of the human species is the most endangered ‘thought-wise’? The man who actively engages his brain has the possibility of getting loads of thoughts that wont do any good but he stands at a place that could mean him deliberately engaging the most potent thoughts that can change the world. I am no meta-physician and I do not have all answers but I’d share a recent experience and I hope it helps you.

My fight a few years ago came from the struggle to hold a thought in my head. How are you supposed to with all the mostly unwanted thoughts creeping in? The bible says “we have the mind of Christ…”, it also says “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. I decided a few days ago to list out my goals for the year and find out where I am as regards each one of them and then outline what was needed to be done to accomplish those goals within this year. It was a hectic couple of hours.

A few hours after this meeting, something interesting began to occur. I renewed my internet subscription after a few days and went online. As soon as I did that, I came upon an opportunity on bellanaija that sorted out one of my goals, I went out to meet with a client of mine over an unfinished business and discovered that his son fitted in perfectly with two of my goals, before I could bug about the money to do some other stuff, I came across a business opportunity on Avenues To Wealth Nigeria, (the best entrepreneurial platform in the world, in my opinion) that could sort out major part of the finances.

The most interesting part was that I didn’t realize that all these had happened for a while until I paused a few days later and on doing a review of my activities, i saw that writing down my goals set the tone  for filling my head with thoughts of my dreams and then  I realized that without trying to, I started attracting things/people/phone calls etc  that aligned with those goals – unbelievable!

How to get it into your thoughts:

  1. Have a dream
  2. Write it down and flesh it out on paper
  3. Have a list of positive confessions that align with their fulfillment
  4. Design how you think it can be achieved
  5. Draw out a proposal about where you are with your goals and where you want to be with them within the next three months
  6. Write down the names of those who you feel can be a part of your dreams
  7. Hold no boundaries in your proposal, if you did, go back to one and do it all over again!
  8. Commit your thoughts to God

These activities should set you off, matter of fact, just doing the above would fill your thoughts with your dreams



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