And My Friend Left. This time, Forever – (Tribute to Rume)

images (48)“O death where is thy sting, O grave where is thy victory?”

I had a pretty eventful Monday, having to put in a bit of legwork to accomplish a personal project i am presently embarking on. The day sure flies away when you need it to hold still and spend more time with you on those days you have a lot to do. Before i knew it though, it was evening. I said hello to a few friends in the neighborhood, watched Manchester united and Chelsea play a drab match mostly because PHCN had done the usual. I trudged home inevitably, to confront the ‘lightless’ situation with the pile of work on my hands.

I had been waiting on the light for hours unending, since most of the work was on my computer – trainings to prepare, articles to write, clients i needed to get served with files, prospects to talk to online, etc. Doing nothing was energy draining. It was in this state i resigned to sleeping off my frustration at not getting anything done. Hardly had i laid down than i heard generators around the area going off; voila! there was light. i quickly set up shop and prepped myself for a sleepless night of work!

You know, life can be so funny; this same life is lived by everyone at different levels of concern, hardly do we live our lives relative to the other person’s peculiar situation. To put it in another perspective, one person is angry that they have only one BB 10; another is falling in love and feels the entire world is in the right place; while someone is having their third meal for the day at a high-brow hang-out on the island, a family just came back shopping and has no space to locate the new clothes considering the number they had before; simultaneously, a child somewhere just eat their first meal at 7pm. While all that is going on, someone is trekking from Costain bus stop to Fadeyi for lack of transport fare after eight hours at the office, in the midst of this mix, a family is gathered around their loved one, fighting the reality that its the last time they would see he/she alive, while some others are fighting for their lives alone in hospital wards…and hardly are any of these people thinking of the other person’s situation – everyone is demanding what they can for themselves.

I mean, it is such an interesting world we live in, that while PHCN and the money i want to make and the girl i’d love to fall in love with occupies my day, my friend, sister, confidante and ‘pally’ passed away after years of battling something that made her not recognize herself when she looked in the mirror. I didn’t even think about her all day. I had worked all night only to run into a random post at 4am on Facebook announcing her passing….

I remember the last time we spoke before she left these shores for better medical attention, i remember how she felt about life and the struggle to live her own life because she couldn’t recognize it anymore. I am pained and feel so terrible i just had to allow tears flow… Why do bad things happen to good people? Rume should not have gone through so much only to pass away! I still remember our last chat and going back to reading it again made me cry even more.Many are the plans of our heart but God…

Sleep has gone past me, i cant even think about it anymore, I am grateful to God that Rume has found rest where it matters most – in the bosom of the lord! There is so much we will never understand, i refuse to be drawn into investing my emotions in questioning anything, i’d rather just cry, thank God for Rume, pray for her family and re-dedicate my life to the purpose of God for me.

I understand that it isn’t about the vain things we daily run after daily. Life is far deeper, there is a lot going on around us, we need to slow down from the mundane and invest our time on the eternal. There is a kingdom we are called to establish, we all have our part to play and play it we must. “Well done, good and faithful servant” – that is the feedback we must all aspire to. In the meantime, while the earth remaineth, “seed time and harvest shall not cease”. He that sows sparingly, shall reap sparingly; let us therefore sow seeds of righteousness, good works, charity and creating heaven on earth wherever our assignment may be.

Good night, goodbye and good morning forever Rume, i love you always!

Its Yoma


2 responses to “And My Friend Left. This time, Forever – (Tribute to Rume)

  1. Life indeed is a bubble. This minute one has it,the next,it’s gone.
    Life teaches us lesson(s) each passing day.
    The pain of losing a loved one can be compared to no other.
    We must all learn to cherish each day having a loved one to share with.
    Why? We cannot boost of tommorrow because we have no idea of where it will meet us.
    God be with us all.
    May her soul find peace in His bossom.

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