Random Precise Thoughts!

Random Precise Thoughts

I am sure – as insecure as sure itself can be.

What has propelled me this far beyond the shores of reason, logical warnings and even the concern of loved ones? How did I become so cock-sure? Leaving a path so secure for the navigation of a path not so secure but potentially more rewarding? How did I come this far in so long? What kept me so sure in this quest? When did security become all of a sudden so unattractive to me?

Who shall believe my report? Who will see beyond the present shackles of my process? Who will calm the sea of opposition against my decision? Why would you love me too much to stop me from the possibility, maybe the slim possibility of being the greatest in history?

Who said I had to be so sure about this journey? Why do you think I should know where I’m going before stepping out? Who told you I seek for fame? You should have known by now that I seek a civilization without foundations, I seek tangible thoughts, I seek sight without eyes, I seek voice without tongue, I seek life without death, I seek love without cause, I seek heights immeasurable, understanding without words, I seek love without language…

We will have to elevate to a point of consciousness where the unexplained becomes plain through the communication of our minds, soul and spirit. English language is short of vocabulary to describe the intricacies that the universe is made up of; science falls short, far short; art is defined within the boundaries of an individual’s creativity.

We are all components of this universe but more importantly, the most important component. All others exist for our purpose! Purpose is breathing down my neck.

How do you get into this kind of flow? How do you hurry to conclude on a man with this kind of mission? How do you advise this one? How do you dissuade such a one from a path only his spirit can explain? You have to be where I am at to tell me different; I guarantee that having tasted the endless possibilities, you will, with the brokenness of passion and purpose, trudge on hand-in-hand with me…

Never write off a man of passion!


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