Finding Mrs Yoma Victor

Okay, so i stumbled into a love piece i did sometime back and its interesting because i can’t even remember the object of affection that inspired it; i really don’t even think anybody inspired it, i think this happened to be one of those times where i got into the love zone and wrote it by faith, waiting for she who shall be showered with such an outpouring…Lol.

The story isn’t even just the fact that i wrote this, because i have at least a hundred of these in a hardback notebook somewhere; the gist is that i started thinking about she who shall be showered with my love and voila: “Finding Mrs Yoma Victor“, popped into my head – genius, innit?

See, i know i am a Tall, Dark and Handsome somebody, i have common sense and i can read and write, and can sell things so people can buy, and i make a profit. So i’m not doing badly, shey? The only challenge i see is that the major sponsors need to see and be convinced that i can sell up to five thousand application forms for the reality TV show. If i can command that number, sponsorship have settle and show can begin.

So do you think i can do up to 5000 forms? Help a brother’s business idea biko, God bless you.

The piece below:

Love Tinzzz

My sweetie, my lover, my friend, my one in one in all
Beautiful and graceful with a rough sexy edge;
just appropriate for her, me and us!

I want to take this time
Even with a phone that is not mine
to say that at the time you came into my life
you were the best thing that ever happened to me.

You brought joy and laughter to my bosom
treating me to the best of your deep bowels
of joyous and joyful laughter and laughings.

What else? My crush, crushy and crunchy..
Even when you didn’t have my time, time stood still
Because there-in were you still of quintessential value to me.

How else do i celebrate you?
This queer femme-specie, a jewel of inestimable value…
This is my ode – this is my song – this is my rant and you can even call it a chant…

So did the poem make sense? Do you think i should root out more of these from my archives?


I will be speaking at


On Sat, August 31st at 12pm. I look forward to seeing you there.

Have a mighty great day and splendid weekend!


2 responses to “Finding Mrs Yoma Victor

  1. Yoma, the poem is making sense, will read this to my sweetheart when I see him tomorrow. Hope it is allowed???(smiley). Please get them all out of d archives….hehe
    Wishing you the best of luck in your business pursuits.

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