What Are You Divided On?

what are you divided on?

Decisions are mostly an involuntary event.

Nobody can persuade or dissuade you about something your mind wasn’t already divided about. Decision making starts from your inside. The more I think about the above statement, the more it rings so true about life. This speaks to the fact that 419ners, ‘one-chance’, scam artists, money-seeking god of men, etc, succeed because the victim’s mind was divided on contentment with hard-work and patience. Simply put, their scheme agreed with the greed that was already existing in the victim’s mind. In the same way, those who succeed already had a mind that was divided on success, making a positive mark or making their world better.

According to studies, the average human makes about 612 decisions a day. This equals 4,900 decisions in a week and 254,800 decisions in a year. Wow! This is instructive, because whether we know it or not, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are consistently determining the direction of our lives, we are daily charting our paths. Most of us are choosing the direction of our lives without knowing it! No one it means, can therefore be responsible for the results of your life. Everything is an outcomes him but

The bible says it is not what goes into a man that contaminates him but what comes out of him. We do not have power over our outcomes, we only have the power over our input. Garbage in, garbage out! We need to put a check on what we feed our minds with because the good book says, guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. It didn’t say guard the issues of your life for out of it produces the diligence of heart; but guard your heart… Getting informed and having a clear conscience as the bible puts it, is mighty key.

Your mind cannot be divided or persuaded about anything new; it only agrees to suggestions that tally with what it has already been pumped with.  What have you been exposing your mind to? What are the suggestions you have given in to lately? What have you fallen for in recent time? What have you struggled to change yet are finding it difficult to right? You are simply responding to the dominant persuasion of your heart. it is highly unlikely that a lady i meet at a party would agree to a date if her mind wasn’t already divided on meeting me or divided on getting a husband. It is unlikely that you will get a successful career if you were not mind-full of the idea.  The outcomes of your life proceed from the things that your mind is full of.

Like i earlier suggested, you needn’t bother about what you are producing in your life, you need to check what you are inputting; what, who, where do you expose your mind to? The strength and quality of your mind will show in your decision-making, the decisions you make will produce the results that will manifest in your life – the outcomes. So focus on the inputs. A mentor of mine used to always say to me “your atmosphere is everything”, who, what, do you allow into your space? Who are those that you allow to have an opinion in your life? TV shows? Cliques? What is your mind exposed to?

Realize that everything around us especially in this day and age is consistently suggesting things to us; the path we take mostly unconsciously, are the things our minds are already ‘divided’ on. I’m not advocating ‘monitoring’ your mind per second, that would be insanity. I would suggest guarding your heart with all diligence – simply censoring what you allow to have a foothold in your mind.

What are you divided on?


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