Before You Self-Destruct

before you self destruct

before you self destruct

Its a shame. I find i am shivering all over! Why do young people kill themselves before they even start out in life? I see this destructive tendency among young people. This young lady friend eve has some of my best people as mentors who are ready to take her in, help her through. Yet her idea of ‘shame’ and her unwillingness to submit to counsel is ticking me off!


How could she not hear? I already envision her end. Its so easy because the signs are all out there. Success is an exact science; so also is failure! When you see the available parameters, you can rightly judge. But much more generally, she is a chronic case of a regular occurrence among young creative and driven people… TAKE HEED PEOPLE!

So, before you self-destruct:

  1. do not claim monopoly of knowledge or any section of it
  2. stand and take your stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before-whether you like them or not
  3. reprimand yourself firmly then get on with your life, never blaming yourself for past mistakes
  4. do not get so spiritual that you become your only teacher – many others live in the revelation that you just discovered today
  5. treat friends as teachers and teachers as friendly guides: they may correct you harshly but i have come to discover that the message is more important than the messenger…despise none of them
  6. you are young but you are not foolish
  7. the rules of engagement in life is getting up and doing something even though you know little because the only way to know more is to check it out and the only way to check-it-out is to get off your butt and start doing something about your dream. “an ounce of doing is worth a pound of theorizing”
  8. have a multitude of mentors-the more the merrier. The bible says “in the multitude of counsel…”. Mentors are volunteer teachers that you choose; why waste the opportunity
  9. maintain a regular atmosphere of possibilities, it will attract the most insightful thoughts from the gifted people around
  10. your passion should not not drive you all the way to making your life an island

Take heed before you self-destruct…

Get back to the simplicity of heart of children…always ready to learn, fail, forgive and rejoice in celebration at small victories.


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