Night Vigil (Benefits Of Trouble)

night vigil

Everyone is well primed and prepared for a cold night.

It seems i alone under-estimated how cold it will be tonight. Seeing how prepped everyone else is, I instinctively begin to feel cold on the spot. No weather change yet the prevailing behavior of everyone here is getting me convinced i must have made a wrong judgment on what to wear. Is there a lesson to grab from this? Why do we do what we do? Why are we engaged in the activities we are engaged in? Am i doing what i am doing because everyone else seems to suggest it by their words and actions and unconscious behaviours?

I have just found a reason to spill a smile across my face, same me coming from a season I’d call the most difficult personal and business experience of my life. I look back and in the last decade, i seem to have become a veteran of many battles: i haven’t won exactly all the time, but i have always come out victorious, and this isn’t contradictory at all. I say a lot of times that I am a product of my many failures. But this time, i had trouble in its variety of shades hit me so hard and so fast in so short a time. I had reasons to doubt the same very sense of judgment that had won me many victories in the past. I drew near to God so hard and so fast I felt I was a hypocrite for wanting his deliverance so fast. Suffice it to say, I find myself in church for a Friday night vigil; this is one of the few weekends in recent time I’ve been in Lagos. I had no idea I was going to be in a vigil 36 hours ago – that is how fast the decision was taken.

Where we go in time of trouble is as important as where we go in time of peace, as a matter of fact, your strongest convictions are tested and confirmed true, if they hold water in the time of peace, not war. Defense from trouble is built in the time of peace, not war. Soldiers train in the time of peace, not war. The horses are prepared for the day of battle but victory is of the lord – but the horses have damn gotten to be prepared! Luck as has been often said is preparation colliding with opportunity. Events that will shape our life are mostly the trying ones, but the character that sustains in trying times are birthed in times of peace. If we wait till trouble to call upon God, we get the victory but we are scarred in the process, how good and pleasant it will be to always hear God before it happens. prevention they say is better than cure.

These thoughts fill my mind as i sit outside the church auditorium and think about the trials of the last three weeks. God is definitely up to something in my life and i have a desire to seek God and understand what he is allowing me through. I have no desire to have only him be in the know, me too would love to be informed as regards the implications of the recent events of my life. I want to know, I want to know what he knows and if it means me retracing my steps to his house for an intensive discourse, so be it!

I have just gotten back into the church auditorium and I’m wondering if it will be colder than I prepared for. Everyone else seems decked in more warm clothing… It is my first night vigil in a long time.


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