Managing Change

managing change“Behold I will do a new thing saith the lord”

What you truly are is who you are becoming everyday; who you are becoming is a function of what your daily choices are. The only constant in this world is change. This should be one of the most quoted, quotable quotes of all time, yet it seems to subsist in that realm of being a ‘quote’. Few people ever make it their conscious practice.

Change management is one of the most powerful skills of an enduring, successful legacy. Whether it be geographical change, relationship change, business/career change, financial change, etc. These changes might be good or bad in themselves but successfully managing them is what distinguishes. Good change can kill, so also can bad change. Good change can increase you, so also can bad change. How your ‘change experience’ produce for you is a function of your handling it.

Even the bible says “No man straightaway desires the new…”, no man? geez! Yet we all seem to pray daily for God to send us to a new level.  Is it that our lips declare one thing yet our hearts, our internal wiring declares another? Reality is that for big change to happen, it must proceed from a daily conscious practice. Change proceeds from an internal consciousness, it isn’t from the outside. We cannot generate change from external elements, we attract change by creating an internal atmosphere that is change-compliant, change conscious, change-aware. I dare say that a new you is the most important prerequisite for a change in your environment.

I once battled with the decision to leave Delta State for Lagos a couple of years ago. I felt in my mind I was already about 4 years late, yet I still bothered if it was God’s will or if it was just my excitement with entertainment. This limbo persisted until a curious family issue had me leaving for Lagos without a choice. I got a job the next day and the next steps of my life proceeded from then until now. We need the God connection, because I believe it was Him who set the controversy that ensured I moved before It was too late. i was change-aware, but didn’t act on it because of a lack of clarity.

Many times, change scares us so much our rhetoric becomes – looking up to God to direct or an over-analysis of the prospects, etc. i have come to discover that in life and business, finding the next level when you have a deep hunger for something different might involve lifting your feet to take the stairs, even when you cannot see it. Just step out and start moving…

(to be continued)


3 responses to “Managing Change

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  2. Hence risk annulment is needed, not risk management, for in the multitude of counselors, there is safety, safety is certain by the word of God, and we have the mind of Christ, so an abundance of like minded counselors provides safety, this is merely a summary paraphrase of this elaborate piece on change management, wonderful piece

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