Finding Mrs Yoma Victor (Toasting Tinz + Abuja Banga soup + Win A Free Tablet)

Toasting Tinz

Last week (read last week’s post here) on this Finding Mrs Yoma ish…, I talked about toasting and how it can be done in twitter like mode, 140-characters, instead of doing long story things. Have you guys ever heard of non-verbal communication? Where you are passing across clear messages without exactly verbalizing? It is my belief that we as much as possible want to talk, which is good, but guys if you desire that your preferred other gets into sync with you, you have got to be gradual, and grow your persona on the prospective wonderful lady you are eyeing.

I personally feel that when you have to verbalize all that you are to a lady, then you have things to hide; who you are speaks louder than what you say. Ladies who go gaga on a guy because of only what he says had berra watch their backs.

Now, how do you then do the 140-character toast? As a matter of fact, for those who have mastered the act of non-verbal communication, theirs might even be a 0-character toast because she go don gree since like day before yesterday if she gbadun you. Some may ask, how does this now work in this day of busy executives, career chasing males and females? Simple! You have to master the art of listening to what they are not saying, when they are pinging, tweeting or chatting, when you guys are communicating. There is a real danger of being misled if you don’t master this art.

Okay, that will be all on subliminal toasting, lol.

Abuja Banga soup:

I was in Abuja this past weekend to seek partners for my business and my awesome business partner took me to this amazing delta food joint. For those who do not know, I am from the Niger delta, and lived there most of my life and it goes without argument that the Niger delta has more exotic menus compared to other parts, so since Lagos doesn’t serve me well in that regard, I jump at every opportunity to eat Delta foods when I travel. So here comes Barr Nakpoberuo doing me magical things. The head of the fish was practically the size of a goat’s head, I ran into popular comedian – Bovi, at the joint but the only celebrity of the day was my head of fish, with banga soup and starch – oh lord have mercy…

See pictures below of the justice I did to the meal, from before to the aftermath of the meal… Trust me, you don’t want to see pictures of what it did to me.

Abuja-20130909-00176 Abuja-20130909-00177 Abuja-20130909-00178 Abuja-20130909-00179 Abuja-20130909-00180

Win A Free Tablet:

If you are still dulling outside twitter, join now and follow @deoluakinyemi & @yomavictor, Avenues To Wealth is having the event of the year so this Saturday and we are giving out a Verizon Tablet and Social Media Biz guide book.

Join the competition now!

A2W Verizon Tablet God bless you


One response to “Finding Mrs Yoma Victor (Toasting Tinz + Abuja Banga soup + Win A Free Tablet)

  1. I can imagine!! The clay pot the Urhobos call Ewhere would have crowned the banga soup..I am salivating already…O:-)

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