Are You Really Free?

slum beauty queens

Whoever said – it was the beholder of beauty that had beauty in their eyes?

Life is relative when considered against its various components. This is no doubt the age of democracy, liberty, freedom. We express our freedom in the things we wear, how we say what we say, who we listen to, what we use, where we shop, where we meet and socialize…so are we really free?

My thoughts: are we not living in a world created by smart guys that crafted the present some decades back? There’s too much we’ve left undone, we have just allowed life happen to us so how dare we say we are free? To my mind, they are the ones truly free; we are bound to live in their mind. How can we claim freedom when we live within the mind of some smart man?

  1. We use windows Operating System (live in Bill Gates’ mind)
  2. We meet on Facebook (play in Mark Zukerberg’s mind)
  3. Grow up on their philosophies through their movies and music (live by Hollywood’s culture)
  4. We buy what they tell us to buy (hustle according to instructions of Nigeria’s leaders)
  5. We dance to whatever trash they spit (live in the mind of many Nigeria’s musicians)
  6. We build, cook, fuel, drive and eat in his mind (Dangote)
  7. We go to school, read a course that has nothing to do with the course our lives are meant to navigate;
  8. We are in marriages we can’t stand and can’t understand how we got there;
  9. We are totally free, but stay with a boyfriend that would beats us up, cook for him, get him sex and invariably get beaten again
  10. We get a job in a bank led by a God-fearing man yet do plenty sex to make plenty money for the bank.
  11. And the list goes on and on

This sort of freedom seems regulated; or is it just me? If the boundaries of how far you can go is determined by how far another has defined, it sounds to me like bondage – not freedom!  In the ideal sense, humans would fight and do everything possible to protect their freedom to live on their own terms, but when it comes to extending the tent pegs within our minds, it seems easier to enroll for bondage by our action or our lack of action.

Many it would seem, would prefer that their decisions are made for them; they are afraid to take the fall for their life choices, so they safely lay it far from themselves at the doorstep of friends, family, society or worse still the government especially if you are in Nigeria. Only weeds grow without wetting, the world system favors the negative trends, spend a lot of money to feel rich, have sex to feel loved, take from others to get rich, look a certain way to qualify as being beautiful, etc.

It is clear that the odds were not designed to favor anyone stumbling into success. It is choice that separates hearers from doers, boys from men, first world from third world, the elite from the masses, those who watch things happen and those who make it happen, the FREE from the BOUND! So when we talk independence, ask yourself if truly you are free because whether you know it or not, Nigeria’s borders are secured by Nigerian soldiers, so leave the country alone and introspect. You owe yourself a mental prison break.

Happy independence to you!


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