The Curse Of Inaction – (Active Citizens Needed)


The creator is mightier than the creature – it is why we resolve finality to God.

Creatures cannot on their own dictate to the creator, they are given existence by the creator’s finished work. We are greater than what we create. So when our creation falters, we can crash that system and create another, or take steps to rectify the malfunction. Our nationhood is not working as it is today, why are we afraid to step up and take responsibility for this our creation? Our fear is a function of respect and reverence; these fears only get strong because we feed its essence.

God created us as expressive people; displaying our essence is what feeds our existence. We feel imprisoned when we cannot express our true self and live free as we want to. My mother always said that no matter how good you are at it, you cannot pretend for ever; somehow somewhere, you goof. Because you will always end up reverting to your true self; who you really are by default. That is why as humans, we would fight tooth and nail, just to get our voices, opinions or concerns heard. Now is the time to be ourselves for real!

As humans, a major component of our make-up is hope. The only reason many of us haven’t run in front of a moving train is simply because bad as things are, down there somewhere in the belly of our being, there is some hope that it would get better. It is the reason we rise up,in spite of the blow after blow of terror.  We were not made docile, invalid, passive nor dumb. We are expressive, powerful and proactive beings, that is why to see people fulfill their true potentials, it is essential to allow them “do their thing”, as this is the only way the world can balance itself out effectively.

It is because of this core human desire to live free that men have evolved various systems of leadership, governance and community in a search to figure out the best way to allow everyone choose their destiny without detriment to another. Wherever man has created an effective governance system, there have been minimal impediments to the fulfillment of the aspirations of people. The point here is, we create our own destiny by creating the enabling environment for all men to thrive. If indeed the creator is greater than the creature/creation, how come the creators (we in Nigeria) cower in fear? Caring more about securing their personal boundaries rather than our collective success when the call to stand up for Nigeria is made?

By releasing this nation to a honest, credible, conscience-based and fair system of governance, we inadvertently release ourselves, our families, communities and future generations to fulfill their highest dreams. We will keep groaning until we say enough is enough and take up the gauntlet. We were not made to be docile, we were made to express our freedom and take advantage of our expressive nature in successful enterprise.

Nigeria is already more than half a century old as a country – older than Michael Jackson when he died. But have we pulled out all the stops? Have we created the music to be sung by future generations? Have we properly rehearsed our roles to perform in this time of needed change? Will we reach the landmark vision gloriously? Will we have formed a stable economic, social, physical and emotional structure? Will we leave the scene and still have passive income flowing from our work to fend for our children and children’s children?

Let us create a new Nigeria, #ourNASS march on the 26th of September to request for sanity in the spending of our resource by our representatives in the national assembly, is a good place to start and a part of the bigger struggle. Let us not fight this time and oust mediocre leaders, yet forget to affix the documentation for ‘directions of use’ in our governance. Simply put, let’s get involved in the entire process from ousting evil to enthroning good. If we chase these guys out and do not ensure the right people come on board, James Ibori will be child’s play to those that will seize the opportunity and step in.

Tomorrow will not ask yesterday but today what, happened yesterday. It is the call to the sons of glory to rise up; this generation cannot afford another coup d’état, this time organized by inaction.

Time is running out fast, there is fire on the mountain…


2 responses to “The Curse Of Inaction – (Active Citizens Needed)

  1. Great! Pieces like this will serve to stir the flames in the heart. We’ve treated Nigeria as a mother to be milked for too long. We need to start seeing and treating her as our baby that needs to nourished and groomed.

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